• 3-Piece-Cast-Urethan-Konstruktion.
  • 318 extra-großes Dimpel-Design für eine stabile Flugbahn.
  • Sehr abriebfest.


  • Optimiert für außergewöhnliche Weiten vom Tee auch bei mittlerer Schlägerkopfgeschwindigkeit.
  • Hervorragendes Feedback & Kontrolle im Kurzspiel, hoher Spin nach der Balllandung.
  • Verbesserte Sichtbarkeit durch speziell entwickelte Neon Lime Leuchtfarbe.


  • Fortgeschrittene Spieler mit mittlerer bis hoher Schlägerkopfgeschwindigkeit

    Zum Golfball-Fitting

  • "Hotlist Goldmedaillen Award (PRO/+) Performancewertung: 5 von 5 Sterne"

  • "Vice Golf: Eine Wissenschaft für sich!"

  • "Premium Qualität zum Knallerpreis!"

  • "Premium Qualität zum Knallerpreis!"

  • "Bälle feinster Qualität zum traumhaften Preis!"

  • "Im direkten Vergleich zu teuren Markenbällen lautete das Testurteil kurz: No difference!"



Der aufwendige Prozess der Cast Urethan Verarbeitung resultiert in einer extrem dünnen Außenschale, die in Verbindung mit unserer S2TG (Stick to the Green) Technologie besonders starken Spin im Kurzspiel und hervorragend weiches und bedarfsgesteuertes Ballgefühl ermöglicht. Der BJ13 Anteil in der Außenschicht minimiert die UV-Anfälligkeit des Vice Pro Neon, die Tagesleuchtfarbe Neon Lime garantiert maximale Sichtbarkeit sowohl beim langen als auch beim kurzen Spiel. Die Hinzugabe mikrofeiner Reflektionspartikel in die oberste Schutzschicht des Golfballs (Dusty Diamond Coating) erhöht die Sichtbarkeit zusätzlich.



Der extrem dünn gehaltene DuPont™ Surlyn®-Mantel in der zweiten Schicht des Vice Pro Neon Lime gleicht überflüssigen Spin beim Abschlag mit dem Driver aus und wirkt sich damit positiv auf Golfballgeschwindigkeit, Fluglänge und Stabilität in der Flugbahn aus.



Dank der sehr dünnen Außenschichten wurde die Größe des Golfballkerns beim Vice Pro Neon Lime maximiert. Dieser High Energy Speed-Kern (HESC) führt zu einer höheren Energieaufnahme beim Abschlag und damit zu einer größeren Ballgeschwindigkeit. Das Ergebnis sind außergewöhnliche Weiten und ein sehr weiches Ballgefühl.


Wir haben die Anzahl der Dimpel drastisch reduziert und den Durchmesser der Dimpel deutlich erhöht. Dies führt zu einer Reduzierung des Strömungswiderstandes auf ein Minimum. Das Ergebnis ist eine weitere und deutlich stabilere Flugbahn des Golfballs mit noch höheren Ballgeschwindigkeiten.


Richten Sie Ihren Golfball optimal mit der extra langen und äußerst deutlichen Keep in Line (KIL)-Putt-Linie aus. Das Ausmaß der Linie wurden in Zusammenarbeit mit Professionals und Teaching-Pros auf deren Bedürfnisse beim Putten perfektioniert.

  • Brad Ross

    Vice did a great job on some logo balls for our Disabled Veterans Hockey Team! No set up fees and quick turn around. Brad Ross

  • Steven Savor

    I am an 85-88 golfer, I ordered my first dozen of the Vice Tour balls two weeks ago. I have played 2 rounds with them. 81 and a 79. My first sub-80 round ever. The ball has great feel coming off of the club and flies true. I cannot believe the difference in the feel of this golf ball! Steven Savor

  • Harry Ward

    Ordered 6 dzn Tour which will last me about a year. Arrived in Australia 10 days after ordering which was impressive. Only thing spoilt the transaction was the order was made in Australian dollars and my Australian bank charged me 3% for sending Aussie Dollars overseas, and they wonder why they have such a bad reputation. Harry Ward

  • Glen Riley

    As a bogey golfer, I look for inexpensive golf balls that aren't hard as rocks. Usually I buy whatever is on sale for under a dozen. After hearing a lot about Vice on Facebook, I took a chance and bought 5 dozen of the Vice Drive balls at .95 per dozen. I am very impressed with how they feel off the tee and around the greens. They are clearly a great value at less than a buck a ball! I highly recommend the Vice Drive balls for high handicappers. Glen Riley

  • Chris Hawkins

    After reading the glowing reviews from golf monthly i thought i'd give them a try and as stated, long in play yet soft around the greens. A really nice feel to them. Will defo be purchasing more when I need to. Chris Hawkins

  • Logan Stegelmeier

    I ordered 5 dozen of the Vice Pro Plus with a custom logo and they were delivered quickly to my door and they look great! I played with them for the first time today and I love the soft feel they have. They were great all round! I?ve played with all other brands as well and I?ll never be going back! Great quality affordable golf ball! ? Logan Stegelmeier

  • Brent Hall

    I?ll never use any other ball again. Pro+ for life! Brent Hall

  • James Ian Layne

    Ordered 6 Dozen of the Pro-plus. Performance equals that of the Titleist Pro V1x but the voce balls seem more durable. Worked out less than half the price per dozen compared with the Titleist so very happy James Ian Layne

  • Todd Urowitz

    Just purchased my 2nd 5 dozen bundle but in neon red pro plus model. I tried them initially because of price and the fact they are not the mainstream. I love that these fly on a great trajectory and are great around the green. My playing partner hated it when i drove the ball by him using the white pro plus can't wait til the red one is in front of him????. Todd Urowitz

  • Garrett Ulmer

    I?m not really loyal to any brand when it comes to purchasing golf balls. I?ve tried all sorts, including Pro V1s, Srixon Z Star and Soft Feel, Callaway Chrome Soft, Taylormade TP5, even standard Pinnacles and Maxflis to name a few. So the idea of an up and coming brand making ?Quality golf balls at an affordable price? was instantly appealing to me. I?m always willing to give something a fair and unbiased opportunity. I purchased 3 dozen Vice Pro balls. You get their lowest price (I think) when you buy at least 5 dozen balls, but I couldn?t justify spending over 0 on balls I?ve never tried. I bought the next highest price per box (3 dozen). I have used the first dozen and am getting into the second box. These balls are good when they last, but that?s the catch. Maybe my memory is flawed, but I don?t recall ever having balls cut and scuff as much as I have with these. I mean I know it?s not out of the ordinary to have to switch out a ball mid round when you?re playing with something as soft as these or a ProV1. But when you?re having to switch out a ball 3+ times every round due to a cut, you start to wonder if it?s really worth it. I?m a decent golfer and shoot around high 70s - 80s, and I think I?d almost rather use a Srixon soft feel for the price. Perhaps my mind will change between now and my last dozen and a half balls. I DID just play my last round with two balls, the first getting cut on the 17th hole, so maybe they were just flukes. Time will tell, but as it stands, I probably won?t be buying them again. Garrett Ulmer

  • John Austin Peay

    The vice pro+ is the best ball I?ve ever played. On top of that, I had 5 dozen delivered to my doorstep for the same price I could?ve gotten 2-3 dozen ProV1x?s for. I would highly recommend everyone give these a shot. Also, gives me more confidence on the tee box for the simple reason that if I happen to lose a ball, it?s not down the drain per ball, like the competitors. John Austin Peay

  • Scott Jappy

    Just played my first round with Pro Soft, love the ball finish in matte, the feel and the yardage off the tee!! Plus the stopping power on the greens. Have been playing with Vice Tour the last 2 years, Pro Soft is a permanent change now after just one round. Scott Jappy

  • Thomas Kozar

    i lived in Germany for six years and golfed quite often. This is when I first saw Vice balls; I thought they were just another cheap brand, but the pro version was actually comparable to Pro V1. Regarding customer service--Germany is different than the USA, they don't just "give" away things, they sincerely want to help, but want to work with the customer to get to the right solution. It is a relationship. Thomas Kozar

  • Jurjen Eerdmans

    Ordered multiple times with vice golf; never had any issues. Order the vice drive with logo for my company; perfect print and good fixed price. Play the pro soft myself; excellent and constant performance. Perfect around and in the green. Jurjen Eerdmans

  • Justin Faugno

    Edit: I spoke with Vice customer support to receive replacements on the balls. Excellent customer service and very helpful and understanding. Will use these golf balls in the natural, outdoor setting and avoid using against a net or screen. Seeking replacements for two, 5 dozen orders of golf balls. 5 dozen Vice Drive 5 dozen Vice Pro Plus Vice is the only brand I've used where the balls consistently crack and are thus rendered useless. I hit about 200 shots in a single session on a simulator and the balls crack without fail. I've never had a ball last more than a single session. Justin Faugno

Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen

In unserem „How It’s Made“ Video bieten wir einen einzigartigen Blick hinter die Kulissen der Produktion von VICE Golfbällen. Von der Gummimischung bis hin zum Qualitätscheck stellen wir den kompletten Produktionsprozess transparent und verständlich dar. Jeder Golfer sollte wissen, was genau sich hinter einem Premium Golfball von VICE Golf verbirgt.

  • "Meiner Meinung nach ist der VICE Golf PRO / PRO Plus der einzige Performance Golfball auf dem Markt, der mit den überteuerten Platzhirschen mithalten bzw. diese auch noch überflügeln kann!" Greg Cullen, Teaching Pro

  • "Vice Golf stellt brillante Golfbälle her, die in Puncto Spielbarkeit, Stylefaktor und Coolness ihres Gleichen suchen!"Timo Schlitz, Golf Journalist

  • "Das Ballgefühl des Vice Golf Pro Balls bei Annäherungsschlägen, Puts und beim Abschlag ist einfach nur phenomenal. Geniales Produkt!"David Gersztein, Playing Professional

  • "Ich spiele den Vice Pro von Anfang an und bin komplett überzeugt! Spitzenmäßige Flugeigenschaften gepaart mit einzigartigem Ballgefühl im Kurzspiel!"Steve Reichenbach, Team Captain

  • "Vice Bälle sind einfach der Hammer. Abgesehen von dem unschlagbaren Preis- Leistungsverhältnis sind Vice Bälle auch noch super langlebig und zeigen top Flugresultate!"Konstantin Schad, Snowboard Professional

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