• Construction 2 pièces.
  • DuPont™ Surlyn©.
  • Résistance extrême à l'usure et aux coupures.
  • 368 alvéoles symétriques.


  • Plus de longueur pour des vitesses de tête de club basses.
  • Grande longueur/Grand Roulement.

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  • "VICE does something different!"

  • "Vice Golf: Bringing a cheaper alternative to the golf ball game"

  • "One of our favorite things!"



The outer cover is a very durable DuPont™ Surlyn© cover. The plastic material mixture is perfectly adjusted so that it can withstand high hitting loads. Cuts and wear are almost impossible for this golf ball, and it is practically indestructible.



The very soft, yet durable core provides a smooth feel at impact, even at moderate clubhead speeds, both off the tee and in the short game.

368 alvéoles symétriques pour une portance optimale

La structure alvéolaire spécialement symétrique de la Vice Drive permet une portance parfaite de la balle de golf, dans la phase de démarrage. Après l'atterrissage, la profondeur alvéolaire spéciale prolonge la phase de roulement et donc, garantit une longueur optimale.

Unique en son genre

Optimisez l'alignement de votre balle de golf avec la Gamme Putt - Keep in Line (KIL) extra longue et très efficace. En collaboration avec des professionnels et des Teaching Pros, l'étendue de la gamme a été perfectionnée pour répondre aux exigences du putting.

  • Josh Robinson

    I am a fanatic about hats i have over 30, when vice bring out the limited editions on i love them and am alwaus willing to extend my collection. My go to balls are the vice tours, these are great value for the quality of product. The customer service vice have to offer is brilliant I've had a problem with. Glove and they sent a replacement free of charge my friend was sent the wrong size glove so they let him keep the smaller one and they said they would send out the correct one when that glove was out of stock they replaced the glove with 2 of the other model gloves. My biggest problem is I've been using vice for nearly 3 years they we part of my wedding gifts and I had the balls personalised for my wedding and over time I seem to think the quality is going down I believe there doing this to increase profits as they are always pushing to towards to Americans and forgetting they are a EUROPEAN company. Vice sh oiukd regain quality and skimp on there profits to make sure they keep there customers Josh Robinson

  • Chris Kelley

    Great company with good customer service. The prices are affordable and the shipping is fast. Chris Kelley

  • Sascha Mehnert

    Mir gefllt der Style von Vice Golf, und wenn ich dann auch noch ein junges Deutsches Unternehmen frdern kann tue ich das gerne. Und wenn sie dann auch noch durch einen technischen Fehler ausversehen ein falsches Cap schicken was noch nicht mal auf dem Markt ist und man es geschenkt bekommt kann man nur zufrieden sein! ? Danke dafr und macht weiter so. Sascha Mehnert

  • Ulf Weber

    I have been playing Vice balls since I started playing golf 4 years ago. Started with the Drive, switched to the Tour in my second year and was quite happy when the Pro Soft came out, since at that time there weren't to many offerings in that 'category' (i.e. high spin balls for slower swing speeds) available. Have tried other models but haven't found any that could make me switch. The gloves are also really great, as is the golf bag I've been using for about two years now. Oh, and then there's my collection of around 15 caps... Last but not least, the customer service is second to none. I have been positively surprised several times, which is the opposite of what I can say about other online vendors. Ulf Weber

  • Pierre-Emmanuel Goze

    Huge fan of the brand. Ball and gloves specialy a the greatest in price/quality ratio ? Pierre-Emmanuel Goze

  • Magnus Thurn

    I have bought a couple of the limited edition caps, mainly The Open editions, and I really like the quality and fit of the caps. Customer service and delivery is always great as well! Magnus Thurn

  • Michael Lw

    Hervorragende Produkte, Klasse Service! Weiter so.... Danke. Michael Lw

  • Devyn Hardison

    Vice golf goes above and beyond to make things right. Mistakes happen and they aren?t afraid to admit it. Always quick to fix things often before I?ve even noticed. Love this company. Always my first choice for golf balls and accessories! Devyn Hardison

  • John Lindin

    Absolutely fantastic site to get golf merchandise and sell brilliant golf balls????? John Lindin

  • Arthur Austin

    A great brand, have heard great things from friends too. Love the caps and will be ordering plenty of balls for the future as much more cost effective. Arthur Austin

  • Ben Trueman

    I absolutely love their hats. They fit great! The Pro and Pro Soft balls are a very good value as well. And while I?ve only had one experience with their customer service, it was top notch. Ben Trueman

  • Marcel Krebs

    Ich finde es sehr cool ein Unternehmen wie Vice direkt vor der Haustre zu haben, ich spiele nun mehr seit mehr als 2 Jahren die Blle von Vice und bin auch sonst mit allem ausgestattet. Schirm, Handtuch, Handschuhe und ich glaube 10 Caps. Nur die Bag fehlt mir noch und ich hoffe bald eine zu bekomme ? Danke fr den immer einwandfreiem Support ! Vice?t schon ??? Marcel Krebs

  • Chris Dvorak

    Klar, tolles Marketing und auch ein Shop ohne Zwischenhndler is fresh und zeitgem und ein bisschen revolutionr. Aber der Style, die Qualitt und die Tatsache, dass man bei jedem Produkt sprt, dass die Typen, die dahinter stecken, Bock auf Golf haben, das sind die Grnde, warum ich die Marke an sich so feiere! Chris Dvorak

  • Colin Bourne

    I?ve been ordering from Vice since day one (hats and balls), and have nothing but great things to say. Great products, great customer service and always receive my items within a week of placing my order. Love what the people at Vice are doing for the game and will continue to be a loyal customer in the future. Colin Bourne

  • Adrian Young

    I was a Pro V1 guy until I played the Vice ball and I'm never going back! Adrian Young

  • James Shelton

    They play as well as my Callaway soft Orange that I normally used. Bought a variety pack. As of now the Vice Tour Pros are my favorite. James Shelton

  • Will Bass

    I have been playing golf since I was about 10 years old, and have hit all types of balls, and used various brands. Solely based on affordability and convenience, I have typically played Callaway Chrome Soft balls, purchased at Costco. I began seeing the ads on social media a month or so ago, and figured I would give some of the Vice balls a try. Using the "ball recommender" I was matched up with the Vice Tour balls. Off the tee, I haven't noticed much of a difference aside from a little added distance. Ball flight seems to be pretty straight, but my mishits have felt a bit more out of control. Once on the fairway, getting to hit a few iron shots I really noticed a difference in feel. I don't shape shots very well, and usually hit a pretty straight ball with my irons, but could definitely see this ball improving that part of my game. I noticed the biggest difference around the greens, and inside of 100 yards with my various wedges. Tremendous feel and spin. Even shots that I got a little heavy handed with worked out well due to how quickly these balls stop once on the green. My only gripe, as I have seen from others, is the durability. Scuffs and cuts are going to happen, especially with a ball as soft as these, but I have luckily only been through a sleeve and a half in two rounds. Considering trying the Vice Pro + the next time I order, as I was also given a box of the Wild Winds for my birthday. I have hit a few of those as well, and they feel really good too. All and all, a good experience so far, and of the 5 boxes I originally ordered, I have given three away to fellow golfers to try! Hopefully they will be as impressed with them as I have been so far... Will Bass

  • Mat Djingga

    Got my dozen a few days ago, and used it today (the pro plus). I switch back and forth between vice and my other ones, and vice is certainly quite a bit softer and gave me a different feel on all clubs. One thing I am surprised is that, i could drive a bit father using this ball given how soft it is. Chipping feels a good way. I could control the ball better 100yards in. I am a 6-7 handicapper, and I am just surprise how responsive the ball last thing. The ball seems to be quite durable as well. I was able to use one ball for the entire round (didn't lose any ball ! woohoo).....and no scratches/marks on the ball as well. I am planning to get more dozens ! Mat Djingga

A look behind the scenes

Have you ever asked yourself how one of the best golf ball on the market is actually made from a technical perspective? We take you on a journey through the production process of our premium golf balls step by step in less than three minutes!

  • "From my point of view, the Vice PRO is the only golf ball on the entire golf market that can compete with the highly acclaimed and high-priced competitors." Greg Cullen, Teaching Pro

  • "A truly brilliant golf ball. Great playability, also trendy and cool."Timo Schlitz, Golf Journalist

  • "The feeling with the Vice PRO balls during approach shots and putts as well as control in the long game is fantastic. It's just a great product."David Gersztein, Playing Professional

  • "I play the Vice PRO NEON and I am totally convinced. Super flight characteristics and excellent behavior in the short game and during putting."Steve Reichenbach, Team Captain

  • "The Vice balls are simply sensational. Apart from the unbeatable price-performance ratio, the balls are extremely robust and show a decent ball flight."Konstantin Schad, Snowboard Professional

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