• 4-piece with cast urethane cover.
  • Highly durable 336 dimple design.
  • Dual casing for extra distance and lower ball flight.


  • Optimized for extraordinary distance.
  • Excellent green-grabbing control thanks to our S2TG technology: great feel & spin rates and highly decelerating Urethane cover.
  • Lower launch and lower spin for longer drives.

Player Profile

  • "VICE does something different!"

  • "Vice Golf: Bringing a cheaper alternative to the golf ball game"

  • "One of our favorite things!"



The dayglow Neon Red color ensures maximum visibility for both the long and the short game. The optimized visibility arises by transformation of the dark or invisible spectral daylight by fluorescence into very bright, long-wavelength visible light. The micromolecular structure of cast urethane is extremely soft but also very resistant. The very thin coating and special adhesion to the green offers the player superbly smooth and on-demand feel of the ball and controllable, high degree of backspin thanks to the S2TG technology.



The outer layer of the Vice Pro Plus Neon Lime is a high-performance resin that utilizes patented, advanced ionomer technology. It gives the Vice Pro Plus Neon Lime high spin from lower compression short-game shots, and lower spin, lower launch performance on long irons and woods with faster swings.



The extremely thin DuPont™ Surlyn® mantle in the second layer of the Vice Pro Plus Neon Red balances unnecessary spin off the tee and has a positive effect on golf ball speed, flight length, and stability in the ball's flight path.



Thanks to savings in the thickness of the two outer layers of the Vice Pro Plus Neon Red ball, we were able to maximize the size of the golf ball core. This maximized High Energy Speed Core (HESC) leads to higher energy absorption at impact and thus increased ball speed. The result is extraordinary length and a very soft feel.


The number of dimples is optimized to minimize dispersion and offer a stable ball flight trajectory. This helps to keep the ball straight even when playing into the wind and facilitates ball control off the club face.


Align your golf ball perfectly with the extra-long and highly visible “Keep in Line” (KIL) putting line. Developed in collaboration with tour and teaching professionals, the line’s dimensions precisely meet your putting and alignment needs.

  • Jason Thoms

    I just got my new Vice Tour balls, and they are awesome. I love playing with your balls!! Jason Thoms

  • Joe Keefe

    Played a vice pro plus today for the first time. Found it in the local 50 cent bin and had been really wanting to try it. Ball flew great and played true to what I was trying to do. Good feel around the greens as well. Made it through 11 holes then 1 hoped it into a back edge pond. Didn't think I would have to worry about it I was 130 out and had a PW in my hand. Seemed to have good control and real jump off the club. Anyway the real reason for the comment was the durability.... I used it for 11 holes and found it in the hit me again bin at my local course and the ball held up perfectly fine! I thought I was very nice and played a good round. Been playing the srixon lately but played this better. Ok round today 76 with the a new ball and really fell in love with it! Gonna order me up some very soon. Keep up the good work guys! Joe Keefe

  • Tasha Schott

    I ordered custom golf balls with our company?s logo on it for my husband. Very happy with how they turned out & shipped quickly! ????? Tasha Schott

  • Nathan Wells

    I considered trying Vice pro plus to compare with the pro v?s I typically play for awhile and recently pulled the trigger. I bought a dozen and customized them with my buddy?s face on them as a little joke. The second round I played with them I holed out from 157 in a big tournament for my first hole in one. Once I get done paying off my bar bill, I?ll be putting in another order. Thanks for the memory. You have a customer for life. Nathan Wells

  • Matt Preston

    Good ball, fair price. They are as durable as any urethane ball out there. Matt Preston

  • Mark Fox

    Got personalized balls - thought I would try them out. Always been a big brand guy (callaway or something) but these will easily be my go to ball. Love the feel and the putter line is great too. 13 handicap Mark Fox

  • David Parker

    Picked up a dozen Pro Soft and played almost 9 holes with the one ball before I lifted my head on my tee shot and dropped it in the drink. Feel nice off of the club face and flew straight where I was aiming (which wasn't always where I wanted the ball to go, but that's my fault). Been a Callaway guy for a long time and these played as nice as the Chrome Soft I've been using. And I get it people; there isn't much of a price break until you buy 3 dozen balls at once. I paid normal price for the 1 dozen I picked up because I was curious as to how they played and you can't find them anywhere but online and didn't want to invest in 3+ dozen until I could try them out. Will I buy them again? Most likely yes. Do they play exactly like the Callaway or a Pro V1? No, because they aren't either - they are a Vice ball. David Parker

  • Nathan Hill

    Found a vice pro plus in the rough while helping a friend look for his ball. Decided to play it, was surprised how much I liked it, had my longest drive of the season, great feel! Going to order some more in after I loose all my Taylor made tour preffered. Nathan Hill

  • Brad Beaumont

    I bought 5 dozen of the Vice Pros after watching a review on YouTube that doesn?t take money from golf ball companies. I am a 9 hdcp. I used them today for the first time. I birdied the first hole at Valley Oaks GC in Visalia Ca. I usually use Titleist ProV-1s and I truly didn?t notice a difference AT ALL! I get the same distance with my driver and irons, they stop on the green, and have a great feel around the greens and putting. I have found my new golf ball! Fast shipping too! I highly recommended Vise golf balls. Brad Beaumont

  • Colin Bennett

    I don't play as much now as I would like to but this week I was visiting my son in Germany and had a couple of rounds at Jersbek Golf course. While looking for an errant tee shot I found a Vice Pro ball which looked pretty worn but I decided to use it to see what it was like. The extra distance I got was brilliant and I loved the soft feel when hitting a long iron. I played with it for over 18 holes and was gutted when I lost it in a pond. I will deffinately be ordering some before I return to Germany to play again. Colin Bennett

  • Tom Heveron

    I've been using Pro and Pro+ for a while. Formerly used ProV Performance is excellent. Durability is the same as former ball. Ordering and delivery are simple. It doesn't hurt as bad when I have my amateur moments and lose it. I'm an 8 handicap player and will continue to use the Vice ball.1 Tom Heveron

  • Derek Bowers

    I'm a high handicapper and scoring has improved for me. I miss the NIKE RZN whites as for me they were perfect . Ever since they were discontinued I've searched for a replacement and the ViCE Drive and Tour Soft have done well for me. Derek Bowers

  • Joe Varco

    After a pretty extensive trial, I believe the Vice ball is great! I use the tour model even though I've tested the others. For me it jumps off the tee and very controllable around the greens. I play in the Desert, near Palm Springs, so there's bermuda and Poa annua, and the overseeded rye grasses. Mostly, the number one reason to switch was putting. For some reason this ball just goes into the hole. That's what it's all about there. Thank you Vice Golf. Joe Varco

  • Brad Ross

    Vice did a great job on some logo balls for our Disabled Veterans Hockey Team! No set up fees and quick turn around. Brad Ross

  • Steven Savor

    I am an 85-88 golfer, I ordered my first dozen of the Vice Tour balls two weeks ago. I have played 2 rounds with them. 81 and a 79. My first sub-80 round ever. The ball has great feel coming off of the club and flies true. I cannot believe the difference in the feel of this golf ball! Steven Savor

A look behind the scenes

Have you ever asked yourself how one of the best golf ball on the market is actually made from a technical perspective? We take you on a journey through the production process of our premium golf balls step by step in less than three minutes!

  • "From my point of view, the Vice PRO is the only golf ball on the entire golf market that can compete with the highly acclaimed and high-priced competitors." Greg Cullen, Teaching Pro

  • "A truly brilliant golf ball. Great playability, also trendy and cool."Timo Schlitz, Golf Journalist

  • "The feeling with the Vice PRO balls during approach shots and putts as well as control in the long game is fantastic. It's just a great product."David Gersztein, Playing Professional

  • "I play the Vice PRO NEON and I am totally convinced. Super flight characteristics and excellent behavior in the short game and during putting."Steve Reichenbach, Team Captain

  • "The Vice balls are simply sensational. Apart from the unbeatable price-performance ratio, the balls are extremely robust and show a decent ball flight."Konstantin Schad, Snowboard Professional

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