• Construction 2 pièces.
  • DuPont™ Surlyn©.
  • Résistance extrême à l'usure et aux coupures.
  • 392 alvéoles symétriques.


  • Plus de longueur pour des vitesses de tête de club basses.
  • Grande longueur/Grand Roulement.

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  • "VICE does something different!"

  • "Vice Golf: Bringing a cheaper alternative to the golf ball game"

  • "One of our favorite things!"



The outer cover is a very durable DuPont™ Surlyn© cover. The plastic material mixture is perfectly adjusted so that it can withstand high hitting loads. Cuts and wear are almost impossible for this golf ball, and it is practically indestructible.



The very soft, yet durable core provides a smooth feel at impact, even at moderate clubhead speeds, both off the tee and in the short game.

Boston Celtics

Boston´s iconic basketball figures are Larry Bird and Ray Allen: Larry Bird, the 6’9” Basketball legend of the Boston Celtics knows everything about the sport - on and off the court. His golfing career is also nothing to be ashamed off. With a handicap of -4.1, Allen plays for the win. A true All-Star both in Basketball and Golf. Another Boston Celtics legend is Ray Allen. He has won the NBA Championship twice and didn’t stop winning after he ended his basketball career in 2016. With a handicap of +0.1, he is among the best amateur golfers in the country.

392 alvéoles symétriques pour une portance optimale

La structure alvéolaire spécialement symétrique de la Vice Drive permet une portance parfaite de la balle de golf, dans la phase de démarrage. Après l'atterrissage, la profondeur alvéolaire spéciale prolonge la phase de roulement et donc, garantit une longueur optimale.

Unique en son genre

Optimisez l'alignement de votre balle de golf avec la Gamme Putt - Keep in Line (KIL) extra longue et très efficace. En collaboration avec des professionnels et des Teaching Pros, l'étendue de la gamme a été perfectionnée pour répondre aux exigences du putting.

Numerous golfers love basketball. Professional golfers play basketball in their free time, professional basketball players play golf in their free time. Precision and endurance are only two attributes that unite golf and basketball. Vice Golf´s partnership with the NBA unites two grand sports and allows every golfing NBA fan to represent his team on and off the golf course.

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