• 3-piece cast urethane cover
  • 318 extra-large dimple design
  • Customized LOCAL LEGEND packaging & individual ball design
  • Strictly limited to 999 dozen Only!


  • Optimized for tremendous distance off the tee and legendary feel
  • Excellent green-grabbing control thanks to our S2TG technology
  • Unique edition for golf connoisseurs and special affection for this major

Player Profile

  • LOCAL LEGENDS and Golfers with attitude & true passion for the game

  • "VICE does something different!"

  • "Vice Golf: Bringing a cheaper alternative to the golf ball game"

  • "One of our favorite things!"


With passion for detail, the personalized magnolia print on the Vice PRO ball as well as the packaging represents the lead icon of this limited edition. Traditionally, special emphasis is given to the thriving nature at the venue, whether as a still on TV or golfers gone astray.The LANE TO GLORY is a long and bumpy with unexpected hazards, but overall an unique experience and a contentment to watch at all times.


This limited edition speaks for itself: Vice LOCAL LEGEND golf balls conflate uncountable magic moments from the past and leave it up to you to build magic moments in the future. 2019 will be the year of the magnolia, a flower that most golfers only come in contact with in April (on TV), that represents countless magical moments like incredible sand saves, emotional fist-pumps but also tragic melt-downs and career-lows. Our limited Vice LOCAL LEGEND edition combines classic white and major-green inside and outside. Immerse yourself into the world of Golf Legends and start your season with birdies and legendary golf shots. This limited edition follows our well-known rules: First come, first serve!

  • Jim Bernier

    Just prior to a recent golf trip, I picked up the Pro Soft mat-finish Vice balls. Awesome performance and I shot my best round ever my first time hitting them! 76�! Jim Bernier

  • Michael Hoover

    I’ve purchased 20 dozen golf balls as a gift for my dealers on the East Coast with our company logo. Absolutely love them. The images on the customized golf balls are exceptional and well executed. You will be very pleased with their outcome whether for personal use, promotional, gift, etc. SIDE NOTE: The feel and play of the balls are superb and advertised properly. Also want to make note of their customer service as a class act! I had a misinterpretation of the “Free Hat Deal” with the purchase of 5 dozen golf balls and they went above and beyond to understand the situation and I was able to get the hats. Great Company! Michael Hoover

  • Rick Jordan

    I've been playing Vice for about a year and a half now. Used to play Pro-V1x. Switched to the Vice Pro Plus and haven't looked back. I think I get a little more distance with them and a softer feel around the greens. 6+ handicap. Just ordered 6 more dozen and one of my golfing buddies is buying one of the dozen to try out. Already have another convert, looking for #2. Rick Jordan

  • Shawn M Miller

    I'm really impressed. I started following the company because I'm a marketer of D2C products as well as a Golfer and I finally succumbed to the onslaught of re-targeting and placed an order. 1 got 5 dozen Vice Pro in mixed colors and they're every bit as nice as the Chrome Soft I was playing. I'm a 6. They feel good, they fly good, I can turn em if I want to, and they putt good. What more could a guy ask for for /dozen delivered? Shawn M Miller

  • Guillaume Dlc

    I'm really happy with the products, great quality balls. I'm 10 Hcp and usually played with ProV1/ProV1x, but considering the budget I had to go for used balls. now my point of view for the moment, is that I can have the same quality, touch, feel, speed, etc as brand new Titleist balls but for a reasonable budget. also, customer service is very good Guillaume Dlc

  • Joerg Maderer

    Ich spiele jetzt seit 04/18 Golf. Im Juni habe ich mein erstes Turnier gespielt und meine Logobälle Vice Drive verwendet. Die Kombination mit Driver und den Bällen haben mich mein Handicap gleich mal um 10 Punkte runterspielen lassen. Ich bin super zufrieden und werde mir weiterhin die Bälle von Vice kaufen. Zumal ich die Bälle noch mit meinem Firmenlogo für kleines Geld bedrucken kann. Joerg Maderer

  • Douglas Spielmann Sr.

    Just got my order in. Select ball's and tees. Can't wait to take them for a test drive. Douglas Spielmann Sr.

A look behind the scenes

Have you ever asked yourself how one of the best golf ball on the market is actually made from a technical perspective? We take you on a journey through the production process of our premium golf balls step by step in less than three minutes!

  • "Vice balls have this x-factor about them – they're shaking up golf. You're not only getting a good deal but beyond that you get a good vibe. I'm a huge believer in the Vice PRO PLUS!"Erik Anders Lang, Passionate Golfer & TV Producer

  • "I just love the PRO PLUS! Amazing distance off the tee and soft feel around the greens. Definitely a winning combination that bring out the best of my game!"Brendan McCarroll, Playing Professional

  • "I love the brand and the guys at Vice Golf, but more importantly, I love the performance of the golf balls - they're just as good as the top products out there but can be controlled around the green even better!"Romain Béchu - golf professional and trick shot artist

  • "From my point of view, the Vice PRO is the only golf ball on the entire golf market that can compete with the highly acclaimed and high-priced competitors." Greg Cullen, Teaching Pro

  • "A truly brilliant golf ball. Great playability, also trendy and cool."Timo Schlitz, Golf Journalist

  • "The feeling with the Vice PRO balls during approach shots and putts as well as control in the long game is fantastic. It's just a great product."David Gersztein, Playing Professional

  • "I play the Vice PRO NEON and I am totally convinced. Super flight characteristics and excellent behavior in the short game and during putting."Steve Reichenbach, Team Captain

  • "The Vice balls are simply sensational. Apart from the unbeatable price-performance ratio, the balls are extremely robust and show a decent ball flight."Konstantin Schad, Snowboard Professional

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