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  • The best way to test Vice Golf balls: One 2-ball sleeve of each of our five ball models
  • Internationally awarded golf ball quality
  • All Vice balls conform to the rules of USGA and R&A


  • Exclusive deal: Pay only SEK 269 and save almost 10% compared to the regular ball price


  • Play all five models free of risk with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee to decide which Vice ball model suits your game best

    Ball Fitting

  • "VICE does something different!"

  • "The brand that brings golf into a stylish new era!"

  • "Vice Golf: Bringing a cheaper alternative to the golf ball game"

  • "One of our favorite things!"


10 vice premium golf balls, 2 balls of each model

Pro Plus
  • Fyrdelsboll
  • Extrastor HESC-kärna (High Energy Speed Core)
  • Mycket slitstarkt skal med 336 dimples
  • Elastisk dubbelmantel reducerar spinn med drivern och ger längre carry
  • Tredelsboll
  • Extratunt, gjutet uretanskal ger maximal känsla och spinn i närspelet
  • Design med 318 stora dimples ger stabil bollbana
  • Optimerad för högre bollhastigheter och enorm längd från tee
Pro Soft
  • Tredelsboll
  • Ny, glänsande finish
  • Nytt mönster med 318 stora dimples
  • HESC-kärna (High Energy Speed Core) ger högre bollhastighet och mer längd från tee
  • Tredelsboll
  • Vidareutvecklat DuPont™ Surlyn®-skal
  • Extremt tuff och slitstark
  • Design med 392 dimples
  • Tvådelsboll
  • DuPont™ Surlyn®-skal
  • Extremt tuff och slitstark
  • Nytt mönster med 312 stora dimples
TITLEIST® is a registered trademark of Acushnet Company. Vice Sporting Goods Gmbh is not affiliated with Acushnet Company

A look behind the scenes

Have you ever asked yourself how one of the best golf ball on the market is actually made from a technical perspective? We take you on a journey through the production process of our premium golf balls step by step in less than three minutes!

  • "Vice balls have this x-factor about them – they're shaking up golf. You're not only getting a good deal but beyond that you get a good vibe. I'm a huge believer in the Vice PRO PLUS!"Erik Anders Lang, Passionate Golfer & TV Producer

  • "I just love the PRO PLUS! Amazing distance off the tee and soft feel around the greens. Definitely a winning combination that bring out the best of my game!"Brendan McCarroll, Playing Professional

  • "I love the brand and the guys at Vice Golf, but more importantly, I love the performance of the golf balls - they're just as good as the top products out there but can be controlled around the green even better!"Romain Béchu - golf professional and trick shot artist

  • "From my point of view, the Vice PRO is the only golf ball on the entire golf market that can compete with the highly acclaimed and high-priced competitors." Greg Cullen, Teaching Pro

  • "A truly brilliant golf ball. Great playability, also trendy and cool."Timo Schlitz, Golf Journalist

  • "The feeling with the Vice PRO balls during approach shots and putts as well as control in the long game is fantastic. It's just a great product."David Gersztein, Playing Professional

  • "I play the Vice PRO NEON and I am totally convinced. Super flight characteristics and excellent behavior in the short game and during putting."Steve Reichenbach, Team Captain

  • "The Vice balls are simply sensational. Apart from the unbeatable price-performance ratio, the balls are extremely robust and show a decent ball flight."Konstantin Schad, Snowboard Professional


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