How can I get in touch with VICE GOLF?
Via email: [email protected]

Via phone: Call our toll free number 888-642-0934.
Mon - Fri: 7:00am PST - 6:00pm PST
Sat: 8:00am PST - 12:00pm PST
How long does it take to get my order?
We ship your order with FedEx:

- Ground shipping usually takes 5–8 business days (Mo-Fr)
- Express delivery usually takes 3–5 business days (Mo-Fr)

For personalized orders:
- Ground shipping: 14 to 21 business days (Mo-Fr)
- Express delivery: 8 to 12 business days (Mo-Fr)

Please note that these shipping times might vary depending on higher than expected amount of customer purchases or current global events.

Once your order is ready to be picked up by the carrier, we will send you all relevant tracking information to your indicated email address.
I entered the wrong shipping address. What can I do?
As long as your order has not yet been shipped, we can easily change the shipping address for you. Just send us a message with your invoice number and the correct address to [email protected].
I am not sure what ball model I should choose. Can I also just buy a sleeve of 3 balls?
We do not offer 3 ball sleeves. But you can order our special trial offer (5 different models, 10 balls) here.
Still cannot make up your mind? Let our "Ball Recommender" tool decide which ball better fits your game!
Which ball should I play?
At the end of the detailed description of each ball model we have enumerated comparable ball models from other manufacturers that are close to our products.

Roughly speaking:

- Handicap 30–54: VICE Drive Ball
- Handicap 20–30: VICE Tour Ball
- Handicap < 20: VICE Pro/Pro Plus/Pro Soft Ball

Yet there are also a lot of subjective factors in the ball selection process. That’s why you should not generalize the abovementioned handicap recommendations.
Why can I not order less than 12 pieces per ball model?
Our balls are packaged in boxes of 12 balls and shrink-wrapped. The shipment of boxes of 3 would mean an increased logistical complexity, which unfortunately would have a negative impact on the ball price.
Can I combine different ball models to reach the minimum order of 5 dozen for the best price?
Yes. With Mix & Match you will get the best ball price, if your order adds up to five dozen, no matter how you combine models and colors (only for Pro Series). Your minimum saving is $10.5 if you order three dozen and up to $35 if you order five.
Can I choose which number gets printed on the ball?
No. The numbers are printed below the clear coat and cannot be changed. In each package of 12 balls there are 4 different numbers: one sleeve with #1, one sleeve with #2, one sleeve with #3 and one sleeve with #4. Furthermore, you can print other numbers with our personalization tool.


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