The James T Hunt Bar

What´s better than ending a busy day in the office with a good drink in a pleasant bar? Munich is known for more than a handful of outstanding bars…


Sundowner and snacks with your friends

You may recognize world champion James Simon Wallis Hunt as one of the most partying and eccentric race drivers ever, so it’s certainly not a bad idea of having a bar named after him. Located in Munich´s bar and restaurant district, James T. Hunt is the perfect spot to witness a good drink in a socializing atmosphere.

No matter which sort of drink you prefer, you’ll be pleased by the variety offered. Local and international beers, double-oak Whiskey, strong cocktails and bar food are just a few highlights on the menu.

You may wonder where the connection between VICE Golf and James T Hunt comes into play?

“For one of our first photo shootings, we chose James T. Hunt as the location as we believed that we shared equal values and ideas: Maximum style, pursuit of  outstanding quality, and pure design”, Rainer recalls.  

Niels, the owner of the cocktail bar, has a sensitive touch for emerging trends and what a city like Munich needs. Among his entrepreneurial achievements, he initiated the smoothie movement with “Super Danke” in Munich years ago, operates a roof top bar and hotel “Flushing Meadows”, and runs one of our favorite bar in Munich – James T. Hunt.

“Entering this bar makes
you feel like pulling into a pit stop in Brooklyn, New York”

When entering the bar, the guest immerses into the eccentric and variegated lifestyle of the 80´s – the walls are panelled with old wood, contemporary, stylish lines are drawn on the ceiling. An old Chesterfield-Sofa and a record player completely round out the feeling and lifestyle that James Simon Wallis Hunt must have lived as a successful race driver.