We guess…Hello World!

At VICE Golf, we strive for highest quality only. Different sources approve our quality, whether that is independent golf ball testing labs or top players.

VICE Golf´s knightly accolade

Yet, the most considered and meaningful medium in Golf ball testing over the past decade has been Golf Digest´s hotlist. Compound of scientists, industry experts and golfers of different levels, golf-related products are tested and evaluated annually against criteria like innovation, quality and demand.

VICE Golf´s Pro and Pro Plus model have been lifted to the throne of the list and were awarded with two hotlist gold badges which equated to a small, but well deserved sensation. 

We are thrilled and humbled, and are happy to report that Golf Digest agrees with us and provides another argument why the world should get to know and play VICE Golf balls.

You can’t imagine how this made us—two lawyers from Germany—feel. Like we wanted to run out to the beer garden and get plastered … Well, we did that when we found out we’d won!

Such an accomplishment is an honor, but it is also an obligation to continue the hard work and get better every day. “We’ve been bragging about the quality of our products and the low prices consumers pay by buying them exclusively on the internet, that´s one thing, but getting the accreditation by the largest golf magazine world-wide, that´s another”, Rainer Stoeckl ascertains.

At VICE, we’ve struck gold, and we couldn’t be happier