Gjusta — A Vice Golf Recommendation

What venue would you pick for breakfast knowing that you´ll have a stressful and exhausting day on one of L.A.´s most prestigious golf courses ahead of yourself?
When a restaurant serving breakfast releases a cooking book that becomes a bestseller, you don´t need to have a passion for good food to understand that this place is different. When it is within walking distance to Muscle Beach and even closer to the buzzling scene of Start Ups like Snapchat, it becomes truly unique.



When I enter Gjusta, it´s always something special, Ingo says, while taking a bite from the Pastrami Sandwich. Succulent gruyere drips on his plate while the look on his face tells more than 1,000 words. “The overall approach seems so easy, yet it is brilliantly executed


Gjusta is known for healthy, yet delicate food and its passion for detail. The food presentation could be photographed and taken to a high-class food blog straight away. Granted, the appeal does not end with the recipe itself.

Celebrities, hipsters and young entrepreneurs gather at Gjusta and create a vivid audience. Check out Gjusta and take a peek into their irresistibly stylish take on food and lifestyle, featuring crisp and natural ingredients all the way through the menu.

Favorite Dish: Pastrami Reuben – pumpernickel, gruyère, sauerkraut & Russian Dressing

Dining Spot: Gjusta, 320 Sunset Ave. Venice 90291