VICE FORCEMore Than A Carry Bag

Looking at the golf industry of the past five years, we initiated a major paradigm shift by cutting out the middlemen and offering premium golf balls directly to customers at significantly lower costs. Many of our Vice customers and fans asked themselves what would be up next on Vice´s agenda. It turned out to be the Vice FORCE bag.

Why we decided to manufacture a high quality Golf bag

The VICE FORCE was again seeded by the current market situation. High-quality golf bags are sold at premium prices, furthermore, they are often of inferior quality. In many cases, details such as poorly sewn patches, unstable frames or leaking zips fail to meet the quality standards you rightly expect when paying a premium price.

We invested a year of planning, designing, prototyping, testing, re-shaping, adjusting, prototyping again, testing again… until we felt we had created an unique product.

The VICE FORCE shall exceed the demands of even the most discerning golfers and known for our passion for detail, every feature of the VICE FORCE has been carefully planned.

The VICE FORCE in brief

What makes this bag so good? The lightweight, 100% waterproof bag uses a nylon material which has been tested for resistance to UV-light and high performance even in rainy conditions. The highest-quality YKK™ AQUASEAL® zips prevent water leaking into the bag and establish the VICE FORCE as a reliable, 100% waterproof golf bag.


The decision for a 6-compartment design with dividers over the full length avoids the otherwise frequent problem of “club chaos”. Turning a typical weakness into a strength, we use a pure carbon frame with extra-large pads for maximum stability in every situation. Besides improved stability, we believe that only carbon fibre fulfils the requirements of a high-class product. Hook-and-eye patches on the ball pocket and shoulder strap can be customized with a local club logo, a team name or an internal battle call. In any case, the hook-and-eye patches are useful to keep your glove handy during the round.

Further features

  • Special velour-lined side pocket for safe storage of valuables
  • Recovery side-pocket for simple access to retrieve small items which may have dropped into the bag
  • Weight of only 5 lbs.
  • Ergonomic carrying handle for easy transportation
  • Soft-padded cushion for the back
  • Ergonomically formed and flexibly adjustable soft-padded shoulder straps
  • Two color combinations: GRAY MELANGE with NEON LIME and BLACK MELANGE with COOL GRAY

But that´s not all: As a stylish way to carry a change of clothes for after your round of golf, we have designed the Vice CACHE backpack as an ideal complement to the VICE FORCE bag!