WINTER AT VICE GOLFGolf and Sledding


Playing golf isn´t easy in winter when the ground is completely covered by snow – but does snow actually make a golfing experience impossible? Even though the weather in and around Munich really doesn’t create optimum golfing conditions, it hasn’t stopped the VICE GOLF team from finding our own way of making the impossible possible.

If the weather renders all golf courses unplayable, we have to build our own course. That´s what we did at Lake Tegernsee recently, driven by our desire to swing a few clubs.

With plenty of creativity, you can make a tee-box at an altitude of 1,600 meters, using two sleds as tee markers. The VICE PRO NEON combined with two forecaddies proved to be a great solution for the unconventional panorama tee shot.  After overflying 200 meters of deep snow, our interpretation of the rough, the VICE PRO NEON landed safely on the “prepared fairway”.

Instead of using a trolley with carbon frame and lightweight tires, our VICE FOURSOME hopped onto the sleds that had just functioned as tee markers and sped over the snow from the elevated “tee box” to the “green”.

The short approach shot with the wedge ended up close to the hole and despite thick clothing, the birdie putt was just a formality. The green had been rolled, of course, and the hole had the correct width and depth according to USGA and R&A regulations.


Feeling as exhausted as if we had played an entire round, we then moved on to our interpretation of the clubhouse, which in this case bore the name “Panorama Restaurant”. Instead of wheat beer and the obligatory club sandwich, we now enjoyed some Kaiserschmarrn pancakes and Almdudler herbal lemonade.

Highly recommended for all golf enthusiasts who love the VICE PRO NEON and want to enjoy a game even under “impossible” conditions. EMBRACE YOUR VICE!