VICE CACHE Your Loyal Companion

You may be asking yourself why a golf ball manufacturer releases a backpack. A legitimate question – here´s the answer.


Why we came up with the VICE CACHE backpack

Looking around the locker rooms of leading golf courses, we were surprised by the poor quality of the shoulder bags which people used for their change of clothes. At the same time, more golfers than we had expected brought some kind of bag with extra clothes – whether to be properly dressed for a nice dinner at the clubhouse afterwards or simply to change into fresh clothes after a tiring and exhaustive round of golf.

We knew we could do better than that in every respect.

From a blank sheet of paper to a premium product

Whether for a change of clothes after a round of golf or for a day excursion into the countryside – in both cases, we wanted to bring enthusiasm to the people with a simple, yet smart and highly functional backpack.

Inspired by high-end backpacks, we felt we could bring freshness and coolness to the golfing market with a multifunctional backpack

With a pen in hand, our design team started to draft blueprints, taking into consideration the requirements we wanted to achieve.

  • Smooth wearability
  • High quality material for water repellence
  • Smart compartment structure
  • Separate shoe pocket
  • Deployed pocket for valuables
  • Enough space for contents for a full daytrip

The use of adjustable, extra-soft padding straps allowed for maximum comfort when carrying. The VICE CACHE further features a multi-compartment structure for neat separation of contents and a special shoe compartment with ventilation outlets to unscramble dirty and worn shoes from clothing in the main compartment.


The separate pocket for valuables and the spacious front pocket add to a total capacity of 23L. For business trips, a 2-way divider in the main compartment leaves space for a 15´´ laptop to be stored securely. Available in two different colors, the VICE CACHE combines pure design and style in one.


And sometimes, a picture paints a thousand words. It is not only the VICE CACHE backpack that reflects the principle we apply to all our products, namely first-class quality paired with sophisticated design and functionality. It also looks great in combination with our newly released VICE FORCE bag.