PUERTO SAGUA Real Cuban Food

Puerto Sagua was the first Cuban restaurant in Miami – and it still has the reputation of being one of the best Miami has to offer.

The fact that the restaurant does not have a website, but that the wait for a table still takes at least 15 minutes, shows that this Cuban keeps his promises.

Traditional, authentic, high-quality cuisine at comparatively low prices.

At Puerto Sagua, guests dive into the Cuba we know from history books: A wooden counter with drinks and cigarettes on wooden shelves, metal chairs at wooden tables, and a slightly hidden mirror front greet the guest.


The appetizers on the Spanish menu offer delicacies, such as ham croquettes (that we ordered three times), as well as classic Cuban dishes, such as cooked bananas or black bean soup. Among the main dishes, the steamed chicken is especially well recommended which was perfectly combined with rice and black beans.


Despite feeling full, there is no way to avoid eating the desserts “Cuatro Leches” and “Arroz con Leche” at the Cuban restaurant, leaving guests predestined for several hours of exercise the next day to burn off the calories.

Directions: Puerto Sagua 700 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA