The VICE GOLF Florida Swing

VICE GOLF has become a known term among the golfers so that quite a few visitors at the fair looked at our VICE caps asking if we were the “VICE guys”and if they could take a picture and have an autograph. No worries, we will keep our feet on the ground!


VICE GOLF joins the PGA Merchandise Show as regular visitors to find out about the latest publications and products. We also have the opportunity to observe the market trends and to meet up with the important media representatives internationally.

As the PGA Merchandise Show allows us a bit of spare time, we enjoy using the possibilities that Florida offers for creative photoshoots in different locations. Below is a comprehensive overview of our photoshoot spots that we thought were a perfect match for VICE GOLF:

Cape Canaveral – Center of Innovation


The well known Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) was a great metapher to illustrate our passion for innovation. This is a place where history has been made and a number of American space exploration “firsts” were launched (first U.S. astronaut in 1961) was a great photo location that reflects our ambition to strive for the best and latest technology in golf.

Miami – Miami VICE


The proximity to Miami was too tempting not to do it: We could not resist a hilarious “Miami Vice” shoot. At the beach, in the art district as well as the look and feel in Collins Avenue (South Beach),as well as in space front of the skyline of Miami was too good not to be included.

The Everglades – Dangerous Golf Ball Testing


A little more dangerous shoot took place at our stop in the Everglades where we wanted to put our golf balls through the paces. Entering a gator farm and encountering a friendly employee, we managed to have three year old alligator Larry to test the durability of a VICE PRO PLUS. A compression and durability test the unusual way for sure, but the results were more than satisfying: The VICE PRO PLUS “survived” without scratches or abrasion.

The Original A.C.´s Icees – Unique, Not Only In Coconut Grove


Finally, we focused our attention to our color variations of NEON LIME and NEON RED at famous A.C.´s Icees in Coconut Grove. The premium golf ball models became the speciality of the day and were used as topping for the popular frozen lemonade which just happened to match our color variations quite nicely.

Do you have any suggestions for other cool locations in Florida? Send us an email to and we look forward to hearing your recommendations for new photoshoot spots!