TONI´S SUSHI Passion for Fish

Take your time and enjoy. Behind the name “Toni’s Sushi” hides authentic, fresh, Asian cuisine.

American cuisine may not always be known for healthy food only.  It is different at Toni´s. The first Japanese restaurant in Miami Beach that has made a name for itself since 1987 is an absolute must for any visit to Miami.

The extensive menu includes culinary sushi highlights (tuna, eel, salmon, etc.) from Tempura fish and vegetables, to soups and salads. The Sake menu is separate. The perfect presentation on your plate could be photographed for a joy and lifestyle magazine.

Truly extraordinary sushi is seldom found, but Chef Toni personally rolls the California Rolls and greats us heartily while self-appointed sushi enthusiasts swoon.

Good sushi rice should be warm, the grains should not stick together, but rather be easily separated.

When enjoying the extraordinary tuna tartar, silence reigns, interrupted only by short hymns of praise about the freshness of the fish, as well as the combination and presentation of the food. The chef recommends a cool Sapporo beer with a selection of various Sashimis and Tempura vegetables and a grand finale of chocolate soufflé and molecular ice cream.