The Curtain Falls for the VICE PRO SOFT

Most high performing top level Cast Urethane balls are designed for professional golfers with very high club head speeds. We have counteracted this phenomenon… 


…and have developed the new Vice PRO SOFT. It offers tour performance on the highest level to the advanced amateur golfer with average swing speeds.

“The Vice PRO SOFT has been designed for players with medium or lower club head speeds who want to bring their game to the next level thanks to both extra-long distance off the tee and great feel, spin and control around the green”, says co-founder Rainer Stoeckl.

Unique in Many Ways

With its unprecedented and unique matt urethane clear coating finish the Vice PRO SOFT combines elegant aesthetic design with state-of-the-art technological performance. The use of nanotechnology polymer silicone particles provides a pleasantly tacky finish. This allows for an even better grip in both the hand of the golfer, and on the green when hitting an approach shot. With low light reflectivity, its surface is extremely opaque and features a very pleasant soft touch.

In comparison to the gloss finish of conventional high performance golf balls, the chemical composition of the matte coating provides an anti-glare effect as well as better visibility in the sky and on the ground. Thanks to tiny silicate particles in the clear lacquer, the matte outer coating of the Vice PRO SOFT offers 100% color fidelity in any weather condition.


Extra-Soft and Extra-Long

The 35 core compression three-piece ball with an ultra-thin cast urethane cover is optimized for tremendous distance at driver clubhead speeds between 75 mph and 100 mph. The distances obtained at these swing speeds exceed those of comparable models thanks to the ultra-soft core which minimizes driver-spin, and the 336 dimple pattern which lowers flight trajectory pleasantly.

Summary of Features

  • Extremely low core compression of only 35
  • 3-piece constrcution with cast urethane cover
  • Newly designed BJ13 resin paint coating formula
  • Unprecedented and highly innovative nanotechnology matte clear coating finish for even more grip and feel as well as anti-glare effect and 100% color fidelity
  • 336 dimple design
  • Minimum dispersion

Robot tests prove that the 336 dimple design has negligible dispersion off the tee and in the short game which makes the VICE Pro Soft a reliable companion in any situation on the Golf course. Get your Vice PRO SOFT online only at