THE EAT Vice Goes Taiwan

During our regular visits to our production facility and other business partners in Asia, we get to know new features of this impressive culture every time we visit. Fortunately, we discovered the restaurant chain  “Din Tai Fung” during one of our first visits and return to this magic food place again and again! 


Decades of Handmade Sophistication

Our favorite dish is the spicy shrimp dumpling for sure. The kitchen is right behind a giant glass wall and visitors are welcome to follow and enjoy every step in this artistic preparation process of Din Tai Fung dishes.It is hard to put in words but the passion for detail and the variety of dumplings offered appear like a sophisticated craftsmanship. Once served on a plate at your table, the food promises to be an explosion of rich taste in your mouth!

Din Tai Fung – A Taste of Taiwan

Initially founded in the 1950´s by Bingyi Yang as a cooking retail business, Din Tai Fung was reopened in 1972 as a dumpling house. Quickly starting to win global awards, praised in food and lifestyle magazines, Din Tai Fung has become a hotspot for local politicians and well-known business people but also stars like George Clooney who took was eager to learn about the magic of their dumplings.

Today, Din Tai Fung is named 2nd best chain for travellers worldwide by CNN and has locations throughout Asia, Australia and the United States. Uniquely, Din Tai Fung was awarded with a Michelin Star as the first Taiwanese restaurant back in 2009.

Din Tai Fungs branch at Taipeh 101, where we are spending our first night of our Asia trip tonight, was opened in 2011 and has been awarded as „best restaurant at Taipeh 101“ straight away.

Experiencing exclusive taste at Taipeh 101

We are enjoying a great evening at the multiply awarded Taipeh 101 tower, the extremely fresh and tasty fish dishes vault us into our own world where we almost forget about the many people sitting around us and waiting outside the restaurant in a long queue.

Often times, well-known businessmen and politicians meet at Din Tai Fung, and a young man tells us after dinner about Asian celebrities who visit regularly, while pointing to the wal, showing a painting of various Asian celebrities. Tom Cruise has also been spotted here, taking cooking classes and learning how the real Dumplings of Din Tai Fung are rolled and filled.

„Din Tai Vice“

Looking at the philosophy of Din Tai Fung, we see many parallels to our company – the passion, the aim for premium service and the love to detail, achieved through flexibility, honesty, friendliness and hard work is something we at Vice Golf also strive for.

After finishing the last dumplings, we are sated for sure but the feeling of fascination prevails. We stand up, leave the restaurant to make room for the next guests – thoughtfully, we are already looking for a free evening to go to eat at Din Tai Fung again.

If you ever are on vacation or on business trips in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, Australia or Japan, keep your eyes open and do not miss this dining experience!

Check out all info about Din Tai Fung here