VICE D-U-R-OMaximum Durability In Any Weather

In order to offer golfers a secure and comfortable grip in any weather conditions, we decided to produce an all-weather glove, our new VICE DURO, to add to our current glove selection of the high-quality lamb-leather glove VICE PURE. From the sketch to the finished product, we paid close attention to numerous details and improved aspects that we did not like in existing models.


Justifying an all-weather glove was the prerequisite for our team to focus on this product and identify the problems. What difficulties does a golfer face in the rain and wind?

Both our observations and the statements made by many golfers who play in the rain agreed on the fact that the movement becomes more hectic in rain because players want to quickly return to the shelter of their umbrella after their swing.

Especially the insecure grip, the concentration required to “firmly hold” on to the club presents a considerable problem and affects the rhythm and smoothness of the swing. Based on these findings, we developed the goal of creating a glove that would give golfers the confidence and sense of security that the club will lie comfortably in their hands in any weather conditions. The result, the VICE DURO, eliminates these concerns and allows for maximum grip and control, from address position to finish – in any weather!

Maximum Durability & Performance 

Made with synthetic polyurethane, the VICE DURO ensures traction comparable to the outer layer of premium golf balls that generate a considerable amount of spin in the short game. In other words: When you pick up your club while wearing VICE DURO gloves, they provide reliable grip. The flexible and perforated stretch material on the back of the hand allows for a comfortable and pleasant fit. The durable polyurethane ensures a constant, reliable hold for numerous rounds, so that the connection between your hands and the club is a given in all weather conditions.

Premium Quality

The larger proportion of Carbretta leather on the ball of the thumb ensures increased sensation and control in every part of the game, from the tee to the green. Furthermore, the leather increases the durability of the particularly stressed areas of the glove on the palm. Despite the elastic material, VICE DURO never loses its shape. It can also be closed flexibly and adapts to the hand thanks to its high-performance Velcro fastening.

VICE DURO combines the demand for high-quality material suitable for any weather situation with the customer’s wish of paying affordable prices.

Look forward to wearing VICE DURO and defying any weather.

Outstanding Design

With the VICE DURO, our team continues to follow its passion for fresh, modern design. With strong attention to detail, VICE customers will find our motto “Do it with passion or not at all” embroidered into the fastening, as well as leather parts in contrasting colors on the palm. Living up to the name “DURO”, the packaging is designed in a very rustic and robust way to underline the durability of the VICE DURO.

Available in the color combinations PURE WHITE with COOL GREY as well as CLASSIC BLACK with PURE WHITE, every golfer will find the glove that suits their taste and complements their golf outfit.

Fair Price

Thanks to our direct sales model, we at VICE have succeeded in offering a high-quality all-weather glove at an attractive price for customers. The VICE DURO is available from as little as $9.95 with a purchase quantity of three pieces. When purchasing 1-2 pairs, the cost lies at $11.95.

Of course, the VICE DURO glove is USGA- and R&A conforming and may be worn at any tournament around the world.