VICE GUARD Neon Lime – The next step in functionality and style

When the VICE GUARD umbrellas were introduced two years ago, many customers were thrilled by the idea of canopies printed with camouflage patterns in the shape of fairways, which we photographed from the air.


Bland golf umbrella designs inspired us to combine quality and style. Persuaded by VICE GUARD’s quality, several designs were prepared based on the “fairways camouflage pattern”; ultimately, everyone opted for the GRAY-ON-GRAY combined with Neon Lime lettering.


More than an umbrella

The VICE GUARD Neon Lime above all protects against rain; however, its light-reflecting qualities also make the VICE GUARD Neon Lime a superb and popular sunshade. The GRAY-ON-GRAY fairway camouflage pattern lives up to all standards while paying special attention to detail. Looking closer at the canopy, not just fairways are visible, but also imprinted hazards such as bunkers or trees. In addition, the color contrast between the gray tones is such that the light-gray fairways stand out from the darker background in bright conditions. In addition, the VICE lettering shines in four Neon Lime fabric panels.

Functionality meets comfort

The ergonomic hard rubber handle ensures a comfortable grip, while the canopy remains lightweight – especially considering the 140-cm span – despite the very stable double canopy cover. The double canopy cover of the umbrella meets the latest technological standards and helps keep the golfer dry in style on and near the golf course. The double canopy makes sure the umbrella cannot accidently open with strong winds. The high-quality nylon with additional water-repellent layer on the surface weathers even the most adverse circumstances on the golf course.

All details in a nutshell

– Neon Lime Vice logo affixed on four sides
– Non-slip grip, ergonomic hard rubber handle
– Light-weight carbon build, lightning-proof
– Ideal on and off the golf course
– Perfect accompaniment to additional Vice Golf Camouflage and Neon Lime products

The VICE GUARD embodies our aspiration to offer premium quality at a competitive price, at a cost of only $44.95. The VICE GUARD is exclusively available on the website