VICE x NBA Embrace Your Vice

When the VP of Partnership at the National Basketball Association (NBA) approached our team at Vice Golf last year, we were pumped. Just recently, an opportunity opened up to collaborate and the NBA was looking for a brand that is young, energetic and cool, namely Vice Golf. 


Both basketball and golf have always been present in the Vice Golf crew’s minds. Lots of employees play basketball actively (not to mention golf) and most, if not everyone is watching professional basketball games on a regular basis. So we decided to start Vice x NBA!

What´s the deal?

The purpose of this partnership is to extend the NBA brand’s product range towards the golf sport. More than 25% of U.S. golfers are avid basketball fans, which account, in other words, there are more than 6.5 million golfers who are also passionate about basketball. At Vice Golf, the two founders Ingo Duellmann and Rainer Stoeckl knew that it was going to be hard work to deliver something extraordinary that meets both Vice Golf’s and the NBA’s high standards.

At Vice Golf, we think golf – and we think basketball! There couldn´t be a cooler way to combine these brilliant sports other than forming this partnership! (Ingo Duellmann, Founder of Vice Golf)

Countless hours were invested in perfecting the first set of products that Vice Golf presented during the 2018 NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles. Recognizing the accomplishments of everyone involved in this legendary event, our team unveiled a limited edition set of products in late February:

⦁ The Vice Selected All-Star comes with a pack of ten golf balls (two of each ball model) including the unique All-Star logo in two variations on every ball (Limited to 400 packs).

⦁ The Vice Guard NBA All-Star umbrella comes in the unique rock design, paired with an individually designed All-Star logo on the canopy (strictly limited to fifty pieces).

Most recently, we proudly presented our series of NBA-branded golf balls.

Vice Golf x NBA

All our ball models – Vice PRO, PRO PLUS, PRO SOFT, TOUR and DRIVE are available for all 30 NBA teams and you can choose which team logo will be printed on the golf balls. Further, every team has its own ball packaging. This means every single team in the NBA can be supported on the course. You can choose between different logos (primary, secondary logo) and starting from one dozen and only small additional cost, you can not only represent your team on the golf course but also play an extraordinary cool golf ball.

Our partners at the NBA were overwhelmed by the quality of the product as the regular USGA and R&A conforming golf balls are sold within this partnership, offering all golfers to play premium golf balls with unprecedented logo styles and unique packagings.

Transparent & Fair Pricing

As in our regular model, we offer a special pricing model that gives you a lower price per dozen the more you order. As always – everything will be delivered within 3-4 working days directly to your doorstep.

Vice Golf and the NBA have started this unique collaboration that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of each respective sport. Time for Vice Golf x NBA!