Vice TEESMatch your tees with your golf balls

With passion for detail, we have designed and produced tees which allow you to always have the matching color of Vice TEES to your Vice Golf balls. Available in WHITE, NEON LIME, and NEON RED, the tee becomes an optical extension of the ball for a cool, color-coordinated look while teeing off.   


Starting now, you can order all Vice TEES online – one bag of tees includes 60 “minimal friction” driver tees for maximum distance off the tee and 15 short tees for clubs used to tee-off other than the driver. A colored marking line supports you in finding the optimal tee height

Ecological & cool!

With minimal contact area between tee and ball, Vice TEES will get you maximum distance from the tee! Made of bamboo, a quickly renewable resource, Vice TEES are not only produced in an eco-friendly manner, there’s also no need to worry about waste when losing tees on the course.

„It´s the small details that decide whether such an accessoires product is cool or not. In our case, I think Vice have implemented numerous details which are outstanding, helpful and cool“, one of the testers states.

As always, we strive for premium quality combined with top-notch design and maximum functionality.


Perfectly prepared for every drive

Known for extraordinary distance off the tee, Vice Golf ball models have been awarded multiple times. Minimum friction between ball and tee when driving the ball maximizes distance at constant clubhead speed.

To support you to get the perfect moment of impact and maximum distance, Vice TEES are designed with various colored areas to make it easier to properly position your ball for the tee-off. Push the tee into the ground until the black marking is no longer visible. This should leave a third of the ball visible above the clubhead, guaranteeing a good address position for a successful tee-off, depending on the fairway wood/iron or driver you choose.


Storage made easy

Most golfers know the drama of losing tees in their bag all the time – dealing with individual tees all over the place in your bag does not happen with Vice TEES anymore – thanks to the resealable package, you’ll always find all your tees in the right spot, avoiding the well-known problem of chaos in the golf bag.