Vice Golf Customization: Your Game. Your Balls.

Whether it’s your holiday snaps, your favourite team’s logo, your company logo or the name of your better half: Customized Vice Golf balls add a very personal touch to your own golf game.

The desire to show off an outstanding cool and personal golf ball in your weekly Sunday Four-Ball or at local tournaments has skyrocketed over the past years. Further, the availability of customized golf balls in very low quantities continue to attract more golfers to replace their marked golf balls by well-customized golf balls.

A few years back, customized golf balls could only be ordered in large quantities and were used for corporate events only. This has changed. More than that, Vice Golf has put an end to this burden and started, after extensive tests with different printing processes.  offering customized Vice Golf balls starting from one dozen in 2013 already. Among other things, almost half of all balls sold are even individually printed before dispatch. Vice Golf´s customization is not done on the other side of the world, but close to the company’s headquarters in Munich, Germany, where large printing machines decorate golf balls with (company) logos, slogans, holiday pictures, or any design you can imagine. Orders take two to four business days longer than regular, non-customized orders.

“We respect data privacy but you won´t believe what some customers upload to our database. Still, why shouldn´t we print funny memes, scantily dressed people or other unexpected images on Vice Golf balls if customers shoot lower scores then”, Duellmann recounts with a smile.


Once selecting the desired Vice ball model on our website, all that remains is to upload the appropriate image using the online customisation tool. There are no limits to the creativity of the customers, which ranges from personal images and company logos to self-designed logos. On top of that, over the past years, we came up with 100+ cliparts from different topics like “4th of July”, “ Halloween”, “Oh, Canada”, and many more to help you boost your creativity. Even if these cliparts are not used in customization very often, they awake the user´s creativity in many cases to find his or her own favorite image or logo and upload it to our system.

“Listening to what customers have to say has brought us to where we stand right now (…) and customization of golf balls is just a huge thing for many of our customers”, Ingo Duellmann says.


The technical facilities in our own golf ball printing plant here in Munich, Germany, highlight the impressive way that we leave nothing to chance when it comes to quality and sustainability. On-site quality control and regular tests of new printing processes ensure that the exacting, high quality standards are met in every order. In the end, the golf balls decorated here using ultra-modern digital UV printing processes, and other technologies, get under the skin. Like an elaborate, impressive tattoo, they underscore individual personality in the game of golf and are guaranteed to catch the eye of playing partners, friends or customers.

Customize your Vice Golf balls easily here or contact our customization team at