Vice Golf´s WITB : What´s in the Boss?

With three recently awarded Golf Digest Hotlist Gold Badges for its premium series Vice PRO, PRO SOFT, and PRO PLUS, Team Vice Golf has the industry giants shaking in their boots. The team is bursting with confidence and founders Ingo and Rainer give a status quo update.


Rainer, Ingo, you´ve kicked off the season with three gold badges in the Hotlist, how does that make you feel?

Ingo: I could not be happier. With several iterations of testing prototypes, adjustments, re-adjustments and on-course testing last year, the hard work of the whole team has paid off.

Rainer: We´ve improved the cover durability of all models, increased the Vice PRO PLUS´s overall compression to 95. The new Vice PRO PLUS has never been longer off the tee and has had lower spin rates in independent robot testings.


How do you rank the importance of developing new products every year?

Rainer: It only makes sense to create something new if there is room for significant improvement. We evaluate more than one million customer feedbacks every year and saw a need to stronger diversify the Vice PRO PLUS from its peers PRO and PRO SOFT.

Ingo: The Vice PRO SOFT is designed for players seeking distance off the tee even at lower swing speeds. The Vice PRO is directed at all players with driver swing speeds of 95 – 110mph who desire to play a premium performing golf ball at a great price and lastly, the Vice PRO PLUS has its performance peaks when struck with more than 110mph off the tee with low driver spin and extraordinary distance, yet feeling soft and controllable around the green.

“I could not be happier”, says CEO Ingo Duellmann on the

latest awards for the models PRO, PRO SOFT & PRO PLUS.

Quality comes at a price, many say. Is this something the industry has gotten used to?

Rainer: Certainly, and it is our mission to prove them wrong. Look at the Golf Digest Hotlist Gold Badges that we won in 2017, 2018 and 2019 – besides that, we´ve received more awards in the UK and Germany for our premium models which should prove people wrong who believe that premium golf balls have a premium price tag.

You are known for limited editions for the Major tournaments, what else can we expect from you this season?

Rainer: We´ve got limited edition caps and golf balls for the big golf events and are continuously expanding our portfolio with a lot of new stuff coming in this season!

Ingo: We´ll be digging into a new market segment soon and will keep you posted via social media and newsletter, it will be big!

60 Seconds with Ingo, Founder of Vice Golf

– Worst flight experience…
booking a flight ticket to Frankfurt, Kentucky instead of Frankfurt, Germany
– Worst food on a business trip…
A raw and unrecognizable fish in South-East-Asia
– Favorite burger in the US is…
– People talk too little about …

– First thing you do when embarking an aircraft…
ask for an upgrade 😉
– Favorite beer…
Diet Coke
– Favorite NBA team…
Golden State Warriors
– Favorite golf course…
Wolf Creek
– Most contacted person…