Vice SHELL:Vice Golf´s First Travel Cover

It‘s the nightmare of many travelling golfers: shortly after hitting the runway, the plane arrives at the gate. A swarm of busy airport employees start emptying the cargo bay even before the passengers can exit. Luggage is thrown from one employee to the next, roughly and carelessly, and one item even slips and falls on the tarmac. And that just so happens to be your golf bag.


The long walk from the plane to the bulk luggage counter next to the belts is nothing less than torture, all the while feverishly hoping that your clubs arrived unscathed. And all too often, that’s when the true nightmare starts. A broken shaft, followed by a series of reimbursement forms. Not the dream start to your (golfing) holiday. After travelling countless times with our golf luggage, and after about just as many damaged clubs, we recognized that we could really help golf lovers avoid all this holiday hassle. Our Vice SHELL Travel Cover is the result of numerous discussions with experts, friends, and golfing holidaymakers. Together with them, we’ve developed a list of demands that the Vice SHELL Travel Cover should meet:

  • Special protection of the club heads and shafts
  • Zipper with lock application
  • Robust, ideally water-resistant material
  • Simple rolling and/or pulling of the Travel Cover over any surface
  • Space for a cart or carry bag as well as additional golfing equipment such as shoes and other accessories

Worries about damaged or broken shafts are a thing of the past!

The compact, thick padding of the upper third of the Vice SHELL Travel Cover together with a fastening strap in the middle, for stable transport of any golf bag, offer significantly better protection of the clubs in the bag. Even the most adverse conditions on the airport tarmac are no longer cause for concern. Both zippers can be closed off using the padlock to further reduce the risk of losing small items falling out of the Vice SHELL Travel Cover.

First-class materials for secure transport

Equipped with 100% water-repellent, tear-proof nylon, water pearls off the Vice SHELL Travel Cover like from a lotus leaf, for great protection in all weather conditions. No more soaking wet canvas covers at the luggage belt.


Comfortable transport with a 6-roller system

With the Vice SHELL 6-roller system, you can either transport the cover upright on four rollers or tilt the cover and drag it along using the two larger rollers at the rear. The grips at the top of the Vice SHELL Travel Cover and on the sides allow for comfortable transport on any surface and under any situation. Thanks to the interior fastening strap of the bag, the Vice SHELL Travel Cover also ensures great stability without creating its own uncontrolled mess like some of our rival products.

Generous partitioning with interior and exterior pockets – spacious, but not bulky

When you’re transporting golf clubs, you usually also carry shoes, rain gear, and further accessories which take up space, also outside the bag. To save room in your checked or carry-on luggage and securely transport your equipment, simply use the exterior pocket and the two interior pockets of the Vice SHELL Travel Covers. And when you’re not out travelling, you can simply store our Travel Cover in an extra bag with a handle and save some storage space. Form follows function.

The Vice Look – strikingly different, for your convenience

If you know Vice Golf, you know just how crucial design is to us. We discuss and analyze our designs at length: Does the design match with our other products? Does it stand out from the golf product crowd? Does our design enthrall and satisfy our customers? We only start production after answering each of these questions with a clear “yes”. In this case, the Vice SHELL has been designed in the style of our Vice PRIDE Cart Bag, another new addition to our product range, combining BLACK MELANGE with NEON LIME to avoid the risk of mix-ups at the airport.

You’re all set for your next golfing adventure – we hope you’ll have a blast!