Limited Edition Time : Vice Golf x Erik Anders Lang


Erik Anders Lang, host of “Adventures in Golf” on Skratch TV and founder of “Random Golf Club,” just as often gets referred to as the “Vice Guy”. After customizing his Vice Golf balls with “EAL” and countries that he’s travelled to, a joint ball edition is finally here celebrating his latest venture of Random Golf Club.


We´re excited to present the Vice PRO PLUS EAL, strictly limited to 500 dozen, designed for everyone, true to Random Golf Club’s motto of “All Are Welcome”.

Laughing off the bad shots and taking time to soak in the magic of misty morning rounds all by yourself, with buddies, or just a random group of people, is a shared mindset between Vice Golf and Random Golf Club.

“Vice Golf takes care of a group of golfers who have not been recognized prior – those who are not interested in wasting money. Younger golfers, doing a lot more online, golfers who are modern and interested in style”, says Erik Anders Lang.

Unlike a standard dozen of golf balls, each ball in this edition bears the number 17b, a rule that cannot be found in any rule book, but should be part of every round: Laugh at bad shots and subscribe to a more positive mindset. Each limited edition includes Random Golf Club logo print and custom ball packaging in matte black. 


The Vice PRO PLUS EAL is only available for a short time from $29.95 per dozen, at and

More than a golf ball

Erik Anders Lang has played the Vice Pro Plus for years, and after countless customized shipments featured his initials, we finally have the Vice PRO PLUS EAL edition that celebrates his recent venture, Random Golf Club. 

Both Vice Golf and Random Golf Club embody the modern game of golf, focusing on broad acceptance, empathy and togetherness. There is no question that quality and performance come first, but unique design, dynamics, and color set Vice Golf above the competition.

“I clearly care about performance. I don´t pay for the balls, so they need to perform well for me. I compared it to every other ball out there and I get the feel, the distance, the logo and the look of the ball!” (Erik Anders Lang)

Played by long hitters, ambitious amateurs with high swing speeds, young club professionals, and college golfers, the Vice PRO PLUS embodies the style of modern golf with distance paired with razor-sharp performance.

Strictly limited to 500 dozen, you should be quick to grab the Vice PRO PLUS EAL!