Drippin´ Hot: Vice Golf DRIP Edition

You should know by now that we enjoy doing things differently at Vice Golf: We love to combine the performance of our golf balls with unique colors, designs and themes, from packaging to the golf ball. The latest edition is now available: Vice DRIP.


We were the first direct-to-consumer golf ball company in the world to start offering cast urethane premium golf balls at unknowingly low prices back in 2012. Despite quality, the look and feel of the golf balls was and still is extremely important to us. Soon after our launch, we offered the personalization of golf balls from the first dozen on, and more recently also increasingly present limited editions and collaborations with brands that we value and love. Our recent matt black Pro Plus collaboration with the lifestyle publication “Uncrate” is a great example of how to develop a performance golf ball with personality. What´s next?

New ways: Vice DRIP

As written above, we simply like to get creative when it comes to combining the performance of our golf balls with unique designs, from the packaging to the golf ball. Our latest addition, the Vice DRIP golf ball series introduces a color pattern you are guaranteed to never have seen on a golf ball before.

Available in DRIP LIME and DRIP RED patterns, the color patterns are inspired by abstract art, as well as the unique look spray paint, so that no DRIP ball will carry the same pattern on the ball. With the two brand new color combinations, the Vice DRIPs not only bring performance but also color to the summer and will certainly be a topic of conversation on the first tee with your buddies.

“With the awards for our PRO Series in this year’s Golf Digest Hotlist, we have shown that golfers can rely on our quality. We are convinced that not every golf ball out there has to be white and that a bit of fresh color and style is still good for the game of golf”, says Managing Director Ingo Duellmann

The choice for daylight colors NEON LIME and NEON RED respectively guarantee maximum visibility during both long and short game. The optimized visibility arises by transformation of the dark or invisible spectral daylight by fluorescence into very bright, long-wavelength visible light. In addition to the new golf ball design, the packaging has also been adapted and combines classic white on the Vice PRO DRIP LIME with splashes of NEON LIME and black, as well as NEON RED and black splashes on the Vice PRO SOFT DRIP RED.

Available exclusively on Vice Golf at regular ball prices, you can find more information about the Vice PRO DRIP LIME and Vice PRO SOFT DRIP RED here.