New York State of Mind: Vice Golf TAXI Edition

Taxi cabs are a widespread symbol of New York City with their unmistakable yellow and black color patterns. To celebrate the second major of the season, we are releasing a limited edition series inspired by the cars that make up a large part of the host city’s unique identity.


The Vice PRO PLUS TAXI brings back the popular DRIP edition: available in New York cab yellow and black, as well as a limited edition black dad hat with yellow lettering and a side patch. The edition is limited to 999 dozen balls and 333 caps.

The Vice Golf TAXI Cap

Our Vice NYC Edition cap is an unstructured, curved-brim “dad hat” in black with NYC Taxi lettering in yellow and a rubber patch with the phrase “Golfer carries less than $20 in cash”—hopefully discouraging your playing opponents from robbing you blind on the course and giving you that extra edge you can only find on the streets of New York.


The Vice PRO PLUS TAXI Edition

The DRIP series is back by popular demand! We are excited to re-introduce the unique DRIP pattern to the PRO PLUS model after the successful launch of the Vice PRO SOFT DRIP RED and Vice PRO DRIP LIME. For this new edition, we combine our 4-piece PRO PLUS with our new, spray-painted DRIP design in black and yellow to match the colors of the New York cabs—combining the streets-of-New York look with the feel of performance (strictly limited to 999 dozen).


Behind the Scenes

As with all limited editions, we do our best to translate special features of the host venue into designs that represent the event. In the case of New York, we were particularly fascinated by the “Driver carries less than $20 in cash” stickers on the sides of taxi cabs. The cabs of NYC are iconic and this detail for us alludes to the transfer of cash on the golf course in the form of betting (or robbery depending on your perspective), a favorite Vice of many golfers. Hopefully, this cap will provide you with some sort of protection when putting it all on the line and give you that edge only found on the streets of NY!

Our limited cap and ball edition is available while supplies last on

Price / cap: $24.95
Price / dozen: $29.95 – $39.95