New Vice GUARDS: Never Blame the Rain Again

The new Vice Golf GUARD umbrellas add color to the cold and grey season of the year and  walking out the door and onto the golf course in the rain suddenly becomes an easier experience with the new Vice GUARD umbrellas.


With the changing seasons, it’s almost as important to take an umbrella with you as it is remembering your phone, wallet, keys and mask. With our four new designs of Vice GUARD umbrellas, all golfers are covered: From the classic look in black and white, to the more fancy DRIP LIME and DRIP RED editions – all the way to a catchy new light blue and papaya pattern that might summon better weather. All of the new models are now available on Vice’s website at a price of $49.99.

The aspiration to combine performance and style in one is a combination that we seek for in all Vice products – the “ALL AROUND“, “DRIP LIME” and “DRIP RED” GUARD umbrellas can be opened at the touch of a button, and feature a double-canopy design to improve usability and stability in gusty winds, helping you to focus on what is most important on the golf course: Your Game.

The DRIP LIME and DRIP RED designs are associated with the ball editions we launched earlier this year (shhh…. they will be back next season again), the Vice GUARD PAPAYA reminds of the recently launched Vice PRO SOFT HUE BLUE LIGHT edition. As always, we do not want to design standalone products but certain features of each product should be found in other products of our portfolio again.

Further functionalities include a lightweight, stable carbon fibre shaft, an ergonomic rubber handle as well as a span of 55’’ which even keeps horizontal rain away.

Embrace your Vice, whatever the weather!