Vice Golf x Adidas: Street style meets on-course performance

With both brands aligning on the idea to create performance golf products with inspirations taken from off the course, Vice Golf and Adidas kick off an unseen collaboration in the golf shoe market. The result is the Vice Golf Shoe by adidas!


You’re automatically introduced to the streetwear and style influences of adidas by growing up in Germany. Based in Munich, we have always looked up to this global ambassador and brand that has made big moves in both the golf and footwear scenes in recent years”, founder and Vice Golf CEO Ingo Duellmann says.

“We’ve had our eye on Boost technology since its inception in 2015 and immediately wanted to get that comfort and style onto the golf course,” says founder and CEO Ingo Duellmann.

Behind the Scenes

At the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando in early 2019, we got the chance to brainstorm with the adidas design team on a collaboration, shortly after both brands aligning on the idea to create a performance golf shoe with inspirations taken from off the course.

And that’s exactly where our design inspirations come from—ranging from the animals and creatures that adorn our golf ball packages and towels, to our signature golf course camouflage pattern, and to our newest drip design pattern inspired by spray paint typically seen on the streets—all bringing components of our lifestyles and world into our game on the course. This naturally creates a “lifestyle” product and is a versatile component in our daily lives.

The Concept Phase

The Ultraboost Running Shoe was an unanimous decision and we used our signature lime green colorway to accent these unique designs for life both on and off the golf course. Our well-known golf course camouflage pattern in gray and white highlights the top of the shoe, while our brand-new drip pattern decorates the boost material at the bottom. The shoes attract attention while still being able to pair with most outfits and styles. If golfers want a brighter color pop, the alternate neon lime laces give that option. Although recognizable as a descendant from the Ultraboost family, the Vice Golf Shoe by adidas is a totally unique creation by our two teams that integrate the components of the existing product with functional updates for use on the course.


The Design and Performance Focus

Performance details include reinforced heel support and side caging to provide stability on the course, a film applied to the boost to repel stains, hydro-phobic primeknit for water resistance while providing comfort off the course, and a brand new spikeless traction design on the sole. 

Branding “discoverables” live in and around the pair, some easily noticed, and others not. A subtle Vice logo lives on the tongue of the shoe while a collab logo is celebrated within. Our motto, “Embrace Your Vice” runs down the spine of the heel, while another Vice logo lives underneath the transparent 3-stripe caging on the inside of the foot.


The Packaging – More than a Golf Shoe

Whether it’s the box your golf balls come in or the box it’s shipped in, we’ve always wanted to present our products with a personality baked into the design of the usually after-thought components like packaging. 

We took this project one step further, beyond just eye-catching designs and sayings that wrap our cardboard boxes and dozens of golf balls. We engineered this Vice Golf Shoe by adidas shoe box to look, feel and act exactly like our signature golf ball packages, again with a focus on aesthetics and design as compared to the usual tech-specs and fine-print. Designed in proportion to our golf ball package, opening the shoe box is the exact same motion and satisfaction as opening a brand-new box of balls. The bottom of the box is wrapped in our neon lime camouflage pattern with our motto, “Embrace Your Vice,” stamped on the bottom, and the top cover features the exact, embossed Vice logo colored in our neon lime drip pattern as seen and felt on our golf ball packaging. The connection continues after lifting the lid and discovering an actual box of Vice Pro Drip golf balls with Adidas logos sitting snugly in its own compartment.

A Statement within a Shoe

Our goal is always to bring a progressive attitude and influence towards traditional golf products—through business, media, and gear. We are constantly inspired by changes and events off the golf course, and enjoy the challenge of bringing those influences into the products we make, hopefully in turn making them more versatile and giving them a life that exists between the different activities we do in our daily lives.


adidas opened the doors to us and made this collaboration possible: Each of these components was a result of a global collaboration that spanned from Germany to California, evolving from prints and computer animations to physical prototypes of different materials with darker and lighter samples. The final product is a shoe that makes a statement while providing the necessary performance for on-course play and all-day comfort. We are extremely thankful for the opportunity and hope to give back with this truly unique Vice Golf Shoe by adidas.


Hard Facts at a Glance:

  • Exclusively available on  
  • Limited to 1,000 pairs, shoe size US 7 – 14
  • $219.99 / pair + 1 dozen of Vice PRO DRIP LIME golf balls personalized with the adidas logo
  • Available on Dec 7, 11 AM EST