For all the early starters of the season we bring color into play again: After the great success of the new DRIP color pattern, we are expanding the series with the most requested color combination: red and blue. Available now at www.vicegolf.com


Product development at our company always aims to reconcile product quality and exceptional designs, at the best possible price. After our Vice DRIP test series – originally launched in NEON LIME and BLACK as well as NEON RED and BLACK – received a great response last year and generated enthusiasm among golfers, we wanted more: internal research and focus group interviews brought the color blue into play by a wide margin, which we saw best combined with red in various prototype series.

The result was the Vice PRO DRIP RED / BLUE, which is now available at
www.vicegolf.com – for an exclusive test run in the U.S. only before launching on other continents later in the year, too. Available at the regular price of the Vice PRO series, this model is made for golfers who want performance paired with eye candy.

Behind the DRIP

Each golf ball is unique because of the extra step in the production of the Vice DRIP models where the balls are sprayed with paint guns from different angles on the production line, always resulting in a very similar, yet never identical, pattern. The internationally awarded performance of the Vice PRO golf ball is complemented by exceptional design inspired by American graffiti spray art. To ensure that the color drips last over the long term, a clear coat is applied over them in the next production step to protect the DRIP pattern against wear and tear. The finished golf balls comply with USGA and R&A rules and can therefore be played in official tournaments. 

Available exclusively at www.vicegolf.com at regular ball prices, you can find more information about the Vice PRO DRIP RED/BLUE here.