Vice PRO PLUS GOLD: Celebrating in Style

The last few months have been intense. The last few months have been exciting. A new milestone is upon us. Selected Vice products are now available in big box retail, and to celebrate, we’re pre-launching the strictly limited Vice PRO PLUS GOLD!


Started as an “online only” business, we have successfully shaken up the golf market in the last eight years, to initiate a rethinking and to add more color to golf without losing respect for the sport or fundamentally breaking the rules. Premium quality with a passion for design at a fair price was the mission that is still being pursued today. Originally, no one thought we could do it: “Selling golf balls online – no way!”, many said.

Selling golf balls online – yes way!

Fast forward – buying golf balls online has become the norm for most golfers, after all, why make an exception for golf balls when the majority of other products are purchased online? Nonetheless, as awareness has grown, the clamor from golfers to purchase products immediately and directly has become louder over the past months and years. The move into retail allows us to serve customers even “last minute” – for the launch of the partnership with the American retail giant Target, we celebrate the limited edition of our flagship product Vice PRO PLUS in GOLD.

Vice golf balls also in retail – here’s how it works

If you now believe that Vice balls will become more expensive on or have to be sold at a higher price in retail, we’re delighted to prove you wrong: Nothing will change in the pricing model. This works because of the step-pricing model we have always offered at Vice Golf – the more balls you buy, the cheaper the price per ball becomes until the best price per ball is reached at a purchase quantity of five dozen. In stores, Vice Golf balls are permanently offered at the “most expensive” price, which is the one-dozen price, with no quantity discount.

“We couldn’t be more excited and look forward to offering selected Vice golf balls at Target and Walmart, and in particular the Vice PRO PLUS GOLD edition online and in Target stores”, founder and CEO Ingo Duellmann says

So golfers who realize on Fridays that they still need Vice balls for their weekend scramble would not be supplied in time at, but can quickly help themselves out at retail with a sleeve or a dozen balls. Then, when it comes to the year’s supply or placing an order with friends, the savings factor at is significant again with the familiar quantity discount.


Looking back at the time when Vice was making the big plans in a small team in the back room, this step feels even bigger and more gigantic: From our headquarters in Munich to the world was crazy, but now it’s “Vice Golf goes Retail.” A special edition in the form of the most popular limited Vice Golf product to date – the Vice PRO PLUS GOLD – is therefore the least we can serve you for this ceremony! In renowned excellent quality, this 4-layer ball is covered in radiant gold and available at, as well as exclusively in numerous U.S. Target markets. Embrace Your Vice!