Vice GATORS: Divot tools rethought

A good divot tool belongs to every golfer – when you think of divot tools, you think of expensive vacation souvenirs or tee gifts from big tournaments. Instead of throwing ourselves into the competition with the status quo, we have chosen our own path with new unique selling points.


The idea to enter the divot tool market came from a late team breakfast during summer – on a Wednesday, to be exact. Part of the team had put in a quick 9-hole early bird round, during which two colleagues stood out with black stripes on their beige chinos – on the right pocket of their pants. The fact that these stripes belonged to golfers was something that every golfer accepted – the colleagues were more concerned with the history of their divot tool – from the 1998 Ryder Cup and from Pebble Beach.

Pragmatically inclined, we drew up two lists of requirements for pitch forks – in the first list, we included our golf-mindset and included

  • a certain weight which would represent the value of the divot tool
  • a ball marker that could be attached
  • one/two prongs
  • a pleasant haptic when holding the tool.

The second list of requirements was based on product design from other areas we knew and therefore included

  • clean design
  • low weight
  • stylish packaging
  • pleasant, clean colors
  • pleasant haptics

It quickly became clear to us that we had an overlap of the two lists with haptics, but the aspects of design and weight were viewed differently: After initial discussions with potential manufacturers, it was clear that the possibilities were manifold, so we let our hair down.

Vice GATORS: From 3D file to high-quality product

After just two prototype series, we were convinced – the military grade EN AW 7075 aluminum used for manufacturing is an extremely lightweight alloy known for its incredible strength and durability. Out of curiosity, some employees set about the task of breaking this light metal – without success throughout. So even when the greens are firm – the VICE GATOR will let you fix every pitch mark to keep the course in perfect shape, while not weighing down your pocket. With the low weight requirement checked off, the clean, calm design was rounded out by a Vice logo milled on the top, revealing the natural shine of the aluminum.

At first glance, the product presentation is reminiscent of a high-end pen or tech gadget, as the design is rounded off by matte black metal packaging, with pre-formed foam padding for ideal stowage of the divot tool.

The name GATOR actually has been derived from the animal world and is reminiscent of the look and shape of alligator teeth, but has little in common with the very dangerous land vertebrate. If this were not the case, the “teeth” of the divot tool would be the grave of every trouser pocket, and instead of black stripes, they would turn red from bloody thighs: Therefore, the tips of the pitch fork are slightly beveled, making it easier to dig smoothly into the ground for ease of use on firm greens.

Timeless design meets flashy colors

When looking at the list of requirements, one item is missing: pleasant, cool colors. Looking at our color choices for the now six pitch forks, some may wonder what’s special about a black design? Here’s the answer: The highly abrasion-resistant anodization makes even the classic version in black an eye-catcher. In addition to the other colors Cherry Red, Sky Blue, Blue Light and Gunmetal, we have now listened to the high demand of our customers and added a divot tool with the popular “DRIP” look. The color combination of BLACK with splashes of color in NEON LIME is available exclusively at along with the other five color options.