Vice MISSION: Your companion for all golf trips

A quick pre- or after-work golf session, a long weekend with friends, a second bag for spontaneous rounds… We experienced this too often and were tired of using pencil bags from other brands – the struggle has come to an end with the Vice MISSION pencil bag.


The idea was free-floating but when we were on content production in the U.S. in early 2020, we were missing just that which made us all realize that the time had come for a pencil bag development. Lightweight, handy, functional on the one hand, stylish and a little more colorful than most of the options in the market on the other hand. The ideation phase was soon executed when a global pandemic hit and postponed the launch of this beautiful accessory. With passion for detail and maximum functionality, we are excited to present a the first Vice pencil bag ever made within a limited launch: The Vice MISSION.



This bag has been designed for quick pre- or after-work golf, as well as for weekend golf outings, golf vacations or golf in winter. The attention to detail is found in every part of the bag: whether it’s the towel holder in matching blue, which also functions as a bottle opener, or the double processed ball net in blue and red, which is also suitable for drinking bottles. The striking off-white is protected by a dirt and water repellent coating, allowing it to be used in many weather conditions. Should the bag get dirty, it can be washed off with water on the underside. 



The limited color combination of Tangerine Tango and Scuba Blue meets Off-White. The color combination as well as the arrangement of the colors promises the ultimate retro look for any golf course. Whether casually slung over one shoulder or distributing the weight across both shoulders, the Vice MISSION Bag allows for both options with adjustable straps for optimal balance.


The Vice MISSION Dad hat is the perfect color match to the MISSION pencil bag. The dad hat is pre-formed and adapts to the fit of your head, yet it is also possible to bend the brim of the Vice MISSION Cap to make it straighter or stronger – without loss of form.


This combo screams our verdict “Do it with passion or not at all” – embrace the MISSION look and rock the golf course in our retro look. Two additional features to point out include the adjustable COTTON BACK fastener for a custom fit as well as a push-button attached to the clasp to create a way to easily attach the Vice MISSION Cap to your pencil bag.

Available online only at make sure to be quick and be among the first golfers to rock the golf course with your MISSION pencil bag and cap combo.