The New Vice CRUISER Bag: Simplified Excellence

We want you to embrace your golf bag whenever you’re on the course – it’s an accessory that reflects your style on the golf course. The Vice CRUISER bag sweats the details so you don’t have to – from the towel holder to the rivets, buttons, and zippers – available now.


We must admit, we´re somewhat proud of our new Vice cart bag – it is more than just a bag. The discussion about a new cartbag aroused with the topic of price: The only cartbag available so far, our Vice PRIDE, is only partly in line with our philosophy – highest quality standards: Yes, attractive, low price: Partly. The additional costs incurred to make a bag waterproof are considerable, but not obvious and understandable for every golfer. Those who find it necessary, however, appreciate it all the more.

In the new Vice CRUISER cart bag, we have exchanged the feature of water resistance for water repellency: In detail, this means that two zippers are installed on some pockets, with this property a golf bag may no longer be considered waterproof. But first things first, with the Vice CRUISER bag we send you more than prepared for every round of golf.

Pockets, division, material

With 15 club dividers, the Vice CRUISER bag guarantees hassle-free storage for your sticks. Its padded carry strap and ergonomic carrying handle are integrated into the top of the Vice CRUISER bag for simple transportation. Eight pockets of different sizes offer storage for balls, gloves, accessories, and even apparel. An inner pocket on the side gives you the opportunity to rescue small parts that have fallen into the bag from the depths of the bag. The high-performance nylon material is water-repellent, as described at the beginning, and ensures a high material strength and excellent “look and feel”. Although not completely waterproof, the Vice CRUISER bag will stay dry in a drizzle – after all, for those golfers who are out on the course in all weathers, we also have the 100% waterproof Vice PRIDE bag.

With its dimensions of 36x16x18inch and deadweight of 7.5 lbs, the Vice CRUISER bag offers plenty of space for more than just your clubs.

“Especially the execution of using both sides of the fabric on different pockets, as in our CRUISER Green Bag, is a feature you appreciate when you know it,” says founder and CEO Ingo Duellmann

Available for golfers of different tastes

For this premiere, we decided on two color options – BLACK LIME, our well-known signature colorway with our golf course camouflage pattern and other details in BLACK and NEON LIME, as well as a GREEN model which reminds of an army colorway with its in green and gray colors, tipped off with accents in white.

It’s the little things that count

Get a golf bag that matches your style out on the course. True to our motto “Passion for Detail”, we have developed a new level of attention to detail in the Vice CRUISER cart bag and ensured that in both the GREEN and BLACK LIME editions, the color coordination of towel holders, rivets, buttons, zippers, coated zippers are all coordinated and underline our demands from our products: efficient design that’s of premium quality.

In addition to the visual highlights, there are also technical details, including a pass-through between the front pocket and the body of the bag for optimal attachment to the golf trolley and cart, as well as our recovery pocket in the side pocket, a towel holder that also functions as a drink opener or the removable carrying strap.

Efficient use of materials

In the color combination of green and gray, we used front and back material, if you look inside the side pocket you will see the same green that adorns the outside of the front pockets – and vice versa in the front pockets. Economically and ecologically efficiently used, the result is a thoughtful color combination that creates the first Vice CRUISER bag ever made.

Priced at $199, the Vice CRUISER cart bag is available now at