Vice PURE Now available in Color

For a long time we had the vision and the wish to offer our highly acclaimed Vice PURE gloves also in color. We were aware that this would be a lengthy and complex process, but now we are all the happier with the result.


“Why don’t you start with colored gloves, that would suit your brand so well”. Mails or even calls from friends often reach us and are hard to beat in the simplicity of implementation. Nevertheless, in addition to the motivation of external parties, we have always had the vision to develop the excellent Vice PURE in color.

Starting in 2019, we began to analyze the leather dyeing process and see what colors our Vice PURE gloves would feel comfortable in. Such a dyeing process takes over three months and can quickly lead to weird results, as we learned. In the end, we settled on seven color combinations, many of which are already in the Vice portfolio. The result: The Vice PURE COLOR.


We also made updates – to both the glove and the packaging: the closure of the glove, formerly featuring a “Do it with passion or not at all” label, is replaced with a diagonal, raised Vice logo. The newly developed packaging was designed along the lines of our ball packaging and leaves no surprises: Thanks to the transparent look, you can already see from the outside what awaits you inside – anticipation and an optimal, airtight storage place after the round. The Vice PURE COLOR sets new standards in performance, design and comfort. For all golfers who feel the need for the highest quality glove at a fair price. 

The Vice PURE COLOR gloves launch a new era in the premium line of Vice gloves, offering an incomparably soft and supple feel with its lambskin leather. The Vice PURE’s characteristics of quality, fit and performance remain, while the selectively assembled color palette gives you the opportunity to choose the leather glove to match your golf outfit or customize it to your own taste.

The Colors

POSEIDON: A classic to start with, the deep dark blue is stylish, elegant and complemented by an accent of red on the side flag.

KOI: The red-brown KOI embodies the freedom and adrenaline of motorcycle fans – only the drives you accelerate even faster with this glove!

MAGNET: A combination of timeless classic and cool look: Flexible combination and real eye-catcher in gray.

CAMO: A combination of dark and lighter gray in camo look: A well camouflaged eye-catcher for all camo fans.

EDEN: For the real golf course match, this model is available in deep FAIRWAY GREEN: The dark green perfectly matches the golf course environment and can be perfectly combined with light colors.

BLUE LIGHT: Summery BLUE LIGHT to match the Vice PRO SOFT HUE BLUE LIGHT, also available in women’s sizes.

MUSTARD: Summery mustard yellow provides the right look on hot summer days


To meet the highest standards of quality and safety, Vice PURE COLOR leather gloves are certified by an independent testing institute, ensuring that no harmful ingredients are used in the leather dyeing process or are created in the result. This is in line with the best processing standards. The new Vice PURE reflects the standards we set for all our products: Best quality paired with first-class design and functionality.

You’ll get a whole lot closer to the real summer look on the golf course with these gloves, and we’ve also made sure you get a real deal on the price: available from $18.99 / glove, the Vice PURE COLOR gloves are an ideal gift item, but of course primarily intended for personal use.

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