New Vice DURO: Our Upgrade on Performance, Comfort and Durability

Embrace the weather – The new Vice DURO glove combines the most important features to accompany you on the golf course in any weather – style meets performance, comfort and durability.


Typically, all-weather gloves have a mediocre to poor feel – there’s a squeak when rubbing between the thumb and index finger, the fit isn’t ideal and there’s no real feel to the grip. Even though the Vice DURO already clearly counteracted this, the updated VICE DURO “2.0” is an upgrade both visually and haptically.

New look, more performance 

The new, improved VICE DURO glove combines three types of materials – genuine leather, synthetic suede, and flex mesh. The synthetic suede maximizes the glove’s grip and feel in all conditions, while the genuine leather inlays on the inside give direct feel and control in the swing. The fit of the glove is rounded out by a mesh insert across the back of the hand to keep the glove comfortably snug on the hand.


The VICE DURO combines the best of the worlds of durability, performance, feel and fit: for all golfers who don’t want to sacrifice feel and control despite robustness and durability.

The new Vice DURO In detail

The DURO is designed for all the conditions that await you in golf, but also for the range kings who sacrifice bucket after bucket for success, and for whom a reliable glove is indispensable. You shouldn’t have to take on any restrictions in the process, but benefit from the details:

  • Synthetic suede allows for a constant, reliable grip over numerous rounds
  • High-quality materials for a breathable and light feel while wearing
  • Flexible mesh area on the back of the hand to ensure a comfortable and pleasant fit.

In addition to performance, the new VIDE DURO also impresses with a revised design. The raised Vice logo on the back at the closure of the glove in tonal rubber, the new transparent packaging design with black accents and illustrations make the overall package of the new VICE DURO look premium.

The color selection remain the same for DURO fans and comes in two different styles: in classic COOL GREY with white details, and in ALL BLACK. The all-weather glove embodies our credo of offering high-quality golf products with exceptional designs at an attractive price – starting at $10.99 per glove, the new Vice DURO is a must-have for your golf bag. Online only at