Limited Vice Golf Edition against Extreme Bogey Danger

Creative thinking at Vice sometimes works a little differently than elsewhere – always on the lookout to find themes and ideas for limited editions, Torrey The Bear has been the latest addition to our long standing tradition of limited editions for Major events. Read this article to understand the background and get yours at 


We´re excited to release our TORREY THE BEAR edition, a limited edition run which includes a set of custom golf balls and packaging, a cap, and – for the first time ever – a limited edition Vice SHINE towel.

“On one of our moodboards, we came across a sign saying “Wildfire Danger Today” and an indicating color scheme – which one of our creative minds transferred to “Bogey Danger Today”

Why “Torrey The Bear”?

The venue of this Major, Torrey Pines, made us look at what’s around the region. Plenty of ideas sounded promising but idea and execution simply would not work out. Until a last minute change, that turned most of the edition upside down. On one of our moodboards, we came across a sign saying “Wildfire Danger Today” – relating to Smokey The Bear, the campaign icon of the U.S. Forest Service. The ad is known to be the longest-running public service campaign in United States history. Smokey the Bear educates the public about the danger of unplanned human caused wildfires. Over five decades, the slogan “Remember…Only YOU can prevent forest fires” caught the attention of Americans.

In a less educational but more humorous way, we created the figure TORREY THE BEAR, relating to the venue of the Major. We kept certain color schemes, changed the text to “Only You Can Prevent Bogeys” and re-interpreted the mascot into TORREY THE BEAR (instead of Smokey The Bear). A new Vice Golf limited edition theme was born.    

TORREY THE BEAR is here to protect you from bogeys, double-bogeys or worse – he shall guide you through your round and help you to prevent any extreme scores on one of the toughest layouts of the year or just on your local course! The edition is based on three items: The Vice PRO PLUS, a Vice CREW cap and a Vice SHINE towel.


The Vice SHINE TORREY THE BEAR microfiber towel has an extra-large surface area, allowing the golfer to use it fully wet, fully dry or both to keep your clubs clean throughout the round. Plus, the size of TORREY THE BEAR ensures that he’s not grazing on the ground when attached to the bag. With passion for detail, we´ve created the first ever limited edition towel: Presenting the warning of extreme bogey danger on front to the rescue and protection from that danger on the back, we got you covered! 

The Vice CREW Cap TORREY THE BEAR is a six-panel flexbrim cap with an embroidered TORREY THE BEAR logo on the front of the cap as well as a woven “embrace your vice”- and “BOGEY DANGER EXTREME TODAY” slogan on the side. With passion for detail, we´ve added a number of details like matching the color from the inside to outside of the cap, detailed logo stitchings or the pine cone pin on the back of the cap. The summery color combination of ASPEN GOLD and NINE IRON Grey equips you for hot summer days on the one hand, but against extreme bogey danger on the other hand! Like all Vice caps, the brim can be bent or straightened without losing shape and TORREY features a size adjustable SNAPBACK closure for comfortable & custom fit.

What makes a truly limited edition is the PRO PLUS TORREY ball – not only is it rare that we use PRO PLUS balls for such editions, but more importantly, this edition had two unique logos, one Vice logo and one KIL line stamped on it. Starting from the tee, the KIL line with its text “Hit The Green!” tells you what to do – on the way there, TORREY THE BEAR is doing his best to protect you from all the hazardous dangers on the course, all whispering “Bogey” or worse in your ear.

The packaging and sleeve individualization again sets a new standard for creative design and will put a smile on your face when you hold it in your hands. Not only will TORREY THE BEAR tell you what to do but the combination of printed illustrations, embossed lines and  color combinations make this ball release a true collector’s piece. 

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