Pushing Boundaries – The New Vice TOUR 

We follow our mantra to only release new ball models when we see an opportunity and improvement that really serves the consumer. The old Vice TOUR ball wasn´t bad – not at all. But the new Vice TOUR exceeds everything we were hoping for. This article explains the why, the how and so much more. 


Part of being a consumer-centric company means listening to what your audience is saying and adjusting to their needs. The Vice TOUR ball is already one of the best-selling balls for the company. However, after listening to you, it was evident that there was room for improvement. So, we took the TOUR ball to the Golf Labs San Diego to see how we could improve the next version. Engineers developed a more resilient Surlyn cover, giving the ball a softer feel, while also increasing durability.



In addition to the cover, the mantle and core were improved to achieve minimal driver-spin and increased ball speed – resulting in extra distance off the tee. In addition, there is a new dimple pattern that tests show improves performance and consistency with a more stable trajectory and more distance. Of course, a ball would not be a Vice ball without considering style and attention to a sleek, modern design. Once again, performance meets style. The color of the Apple-like, simple yet bold packaging will match the logo and Keep in Line putt line (KIL line) on the golf ball. The KIL line was designed to help players align their ball on the putting surface, and it mimics the look of a Sharpie line, which players find helps their performance on the greens.



The Truth about the Vice TOUR

In our experience and from our golf weekends, most of the average golfers do not care about lowering their RPMs for more control, they´re not interested in the minute differences in dynamic loft or spin axis, unlike pros who study these numbers until late at night. For many of us, there are bigger things to worry about, like hitting the ball before the grass or taking advantage of your best drive of the day and hitting your first green in regulation on hole 17.

Many golfers already have too many thoughts bouncing around the six inches between their ears: thoughts that are counterproductive and compound if one does not change their mindset. The Vice TOUR combines the best of two worlds – distance off the tee and responsive, gentle feel off the club face with solid spin rates around the green. 



The 2021 Vice TOUR model will be available starting at $17.99/dozen when you buy five dozen, which can be a great gift for friends or a cost saving way to stock up on balls for the season.