VICE GOLF FUGU Edition – Caution, toxic!

While researching themes that fit the Games and a corresponding special edition, some employees with an affinity for Japanese culture stood us in good stead: the result is VICE GOLF FUGU, a strictly limited edition consisting of an individualized ball- and cap line.


The FUGU Edition pays homage to the Japanese devotion to precision and to the training-obsessed athletes who represent their country as the best of the best as participants in the Games. It is a similarly elite endeavor for Japanese chefs to be allowed to prepare the highly poisonous fugu fish – just like the Olympians, they too require years of training to be ready to cook at the highest level. This parallel can undoubtedly be applied to golf, so with the motto “Years Of Training” we present to you a strictly limited edition consisting of the VICE PRO PLUS FUGU and the VICE CREW CAP FUGU.


After quite a while, this limited edition is based on our premium ball model VICE PRO PLUS. This one is hard to beat in terms of details: The ball itself bears the colors of the Japanese flag – red and white. The Katakana logo pays homage to Japanese streetwear culture – バイス Golf combines the vibrant metropolitan style of Japanese cities with our urban Vice Golf swing. The KIL line bears the edition’s motto, “Years of Training,” instead of the usual PRO PLUS model name, with the highly poisonous Fugu puffer fish printed as the logo on the reverse side.


These elements complete the golf ball, but the packaging with its numerous details is the visual extension of the ball. Besides illustration elements from Kyoto and Tokyo, the evil looking Fugu puffer fish adorns the packaging, and the words “Years Of Training” can be read on one side of the sleeves. Instead of the features of the ball that are usually found on the packaging, this edition has been written in English and Japanese instructions for use, which reads as follows:

  • Remove from packaging
  • Make unique marking
  • Clean and sharpen iron grooves
  • Strike against groves at center of clubface

The VICE PRO PLUS FUGU delivers an intoxicating level of performance that can be achieved if handled correctly.


Also designed in the colors of the Japanese flag, the VICE FUGU cap stands out with its Katakana logo, the “Years of Training” stick on the side and a metal pin in the shape of the Fugu puffer fish on the side. The functionality of the cap is given in usual Vice manner – on the one hand with a flexible adjustable visor, which can be worn bent or straight, as well as a size-adjustable snapback closure for various head sizes.



Things to know about the FUGU Pufferfish 

The Fugu pufferfish is a delicacy in Japan, containing enough poison to kill 30 adults. An imprecise cut by the chef can kill his guests like a bad shot kills the score on the golf course…. A game for strong nerves. With the FUGU Edition we support you to get one step closer to perfection.

Strictly limited to 999 dozen VICE PRO PLUS FUGU and 444 VICE FUGU CAPS, this edition is a must for all lovers of precision and passion for perfection! Check it out at 

ps. If you ever wondered about the difference between poisonous and venomous, here’s a written explanation: If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it’s venomous.