Introducing the VICE PRO ZERO

It´s rare that we present a completely new line of a golf ball: This is the result of hard work to offer urethane golf balls at even lower price points: Designed for golfers of all swing speeds who demand high performance from their golf ball – in all conditions, say hello to the VICE PRO ZERO.

Our mission to make golf more accessible with high quality products in contemporary designs and to sell these at affordable prices drove us to develop the VICE PRO ZERO, our latest addition to the urethane ball line at an unbeatable price of $23.99 per dozen.
The PRO ZERO fills a gap between the super-premium PRO Series and our Surlyn balls TOUR and DRIVE.

With our cast urethane series, we aimed to be top of the line and to be able to compete with all major brands in the market. We did and continue to do that, the VICE PRO ZERO opens up a new layer in the urethane field where we again try to maximize the price- / performance ratio for a vast group of consumers who seek the benefits of a urethane golf ball while experiencing the durability of a Surlyn golf ball. From the first stages of development to the finished product, we had a clear vision in mind and are truly excited to present the result to you.

“Why ZERO you wonder? To us, ZERO means freedom from restrictions and you can live out your vices with PRO ZERO!“

The VICE PRO ZERO explained

The VICE PRO ZERO is a 3-piece fused urethane golf ball. This ball model features our first 344 dimple pattern, stabilizing ball flight in calm and windy conditions, the size-optimized Energy Speed Core (ESC) brings superior ball speed and thereby distance compared to competitors in the field. This has been found out in the process of testing, tweaking, and retesting – both human but also in robot testing at San Diego Golf Labs.

The cover of the VICE PRO ZERO uses a manufacturing process whereby the urethane is fused, giving you the benefits of urethane feel and control with a more robust shell and greater cut resistance and durability. Like all VICE balls, the PRO ZERO has a Keep-In-Line (KIL) line printed on the ball with sharp edges for better alignment when sinking birdies or saving pars.

Opposed to other VICE ball models, the PRO ZERO is numbered 01 through 04. Why ZERO you wonder? ZERO means freedom from restrictions and you can live out your vices with the PRO ZERO!

Who should play the VICE PRO ZERO

Short answer: Those who take our ball fitting test and get to the PRO ZERO as a result – longer answer:  Those who seek consistent performance and want to get their game to single handicap digits, others who compare prices and always look for a deal, and those who combine the two aspects above: smart golfers who want to play an outstanding golf ball at an affordable price.

The VICE PRO ZERO model is released as a test run for now, so strike like lightning and get your hands on these pearls. They start at $23.99/dozen when you buy five dozen so could be a great gift for friends or a cost-effective way to stock up on balls for the season. Act fast and check out the latest addition online at