In collaboration with premium sportswear label BEASTIN, we are delivering a hard-hitting, Munich to Munch edition that combines 90s style with state-of-the-art performance. Launching on September 29 at


Limited editions allow us to get creative, think outside the box and spice up our products with unique designs. When we collaborate, we get an additional infusion of ideas, along with the heritage of the partner brand – and that’s exactly what we found with BEASTIN. The result: A capsule collection with head-turning golfing essentials that embodies VICE GOLF´s and BEASTIN’s shared love for iconic designs.

We’ve got to admit: We´re into basketball…To be precise, our founder loves basketball: Most Sundays, you’ll find him on the street court or on the golf course alongside Chris, founder of streetwear label BEASTIN. The two sports have so much in common, whether it be precision, tactics or flair moves. Typically, the sports have been divided when it comes to style, but they are united in this edition. Inspired by the iconic 90s sports drinks colors Limeade, Watermelon Punch, Frost Blue and Orange Burst, it consists of nineteen products ranging from two ball designs, glove, caps, bag, tees, divot tool and ball markers to hand-picked apparel pieces. It is VICE GOLF´s biggest ever collaboration.

Delivered in custom packaging, the collection’s stand-out items are our proprietary VICE PRO’ golf balls that are available in four colorways as flavorful as the iconic 90s sports drinks. In addition to the four colors of golf balls, the collection also boasts premium golf essentials like a cart bag, a golf glove, tees and a divot tool & ball marker set.


When we started this company, we had a vision to make the game of golf more accessible through fairer prices and more inclusive designs. This partnership with BEASTIN underlines that commitment and shows that golf does not have to be only gray, beige or black!” says VICE Golf founder Ingo Duellmann.

Munich-based lifestyle brand BEASTIN, known in the industry to offer exclusive brands and special collections of apparel, adds its one-of-a-kind premium sportswear twist to the collaboration in the form of pigment-dyed tour t-shirts that match the golf balls as well as softshell golf caps, crewnecks, and a sweat suit.

Have a read and look below to learn about the products of this limited edition in detail:


The VICE PRO and VICE PRO PLUS are the flagship products of this edition. Just imagine hearing a song on the radio and turning the volume up and singing along – this is what the  BEASTIN x VICE PRO 4FLAVORS will do with your golf mindset. Our 3-piece cast urethane cover ball is delivered in a jointly developed custom-designed packaging which sweats the detail: The colorway itself in GREEN and ORANGE alongside with some UV-varnished water drops on the packaging, as well as details like the see-through windows on the sleeves remind you of the 90s, Eric Prydz’s “Call on Me” or “Rhythm is a dancer”.    

Each sleeve features a different ball color, inspired by the four colorways of the iconic sports drink Gatorade: Limeade, Watermelon Punch, Frost Blue, Orange Burst.

In contrast to the edition described above, the BEASTIN x VICE PRO PLUS GLACIER is our 4-piece cast urethane model, wrapped in custom packaging that combines vintage 90s elements with state-of-the-art UV relief printing technology in GREEN and ORANGE. The words “Drive Long, Hit Straight, Putt Well” tell you what to ideally do with this edition: The ball has prints on three poles – (1) the BEASTIN x VICE GOLF collaboration logo, (2) the Keep-In-Line KIL line in PINE GREEN and (3) BEASTIN´s bottle-like mascot, adjusted to our edition´s with fine Vice details. Frankly speaking, this edition simply combines unique style with maximum performance.


Analogous to the BEASTIN x VICE PRO 4FLAVORS ball edition, the tees in ORANGE BURST, LIMEADE, WATERMELON PUNCH and FROST BLUE are a logical extension and complement the ball edition. The minimum friction, four-prong driver tees are made from bamboo, a quickly renewable resource which is not only produced in an eco-friendly manner, but there’s also no need to worry about waste. Each package contains 75 tees of which 60 are long driver tees and 15 are short tees for fairway wood or irons off the tee.

Different color areas make it easier to properly position your ball for the tee-off. If you hate the tee chaos in your bag as much as we do, we got you covered with an easily resealable package that allows you to store and find the tees easily.


In the apparel- and lifestyle world known as tees, this article uses the word t-shirt – as it is better known in the golfing industry. With these shirts, BEASTIN adds its one-of-a-kind premium sportswear twist to the collaboration with four pigment-dyed t-shirts that match the golf balls of the BEASTIN x VICE PRO 4FLAVORS. The back of each of the four shirts (limeade, watermelon punch, orange burst, frost blue) feature a hand-picked selection of golf course names from all over the world, set up in the design of your favorite band shirt. A t-shirt that you can wear for almost every occasion – and it matches the tee and ball edition to complete your outfit.


The choice among golf gloves in the market seems to be endless. While the majority of golf gloves do not tick (all) the important boxes of fit, comfort, grip, and durability, we are confident that our new VICE DURO glove does. On top of that, this edition marks the starting point for color variations besides the classic WHITE and classic BLACK models we offer. The BEASTIN x VICE DURO glove combines the colors of the ball packaging described above with ORANGE-dyed leather inlays on the inside and a GREEN stretch material on the back including some printed drops on the mesh.

The edition is rounded off by the BEASTIN x VICE GOLF collab logo on the closing strap of the DURO glove. A new era begins with this limited edition where we add some color to the newly developed VICE DURO glove we launched earlier this year.  


This bag is based on our recently launched CRUISER bag and sweats the details so you don’t have to – from the glove holder to the metal hangtag mascot, from the towel holder to the rivets, buttons, and zippers – all of which underline creative designs and premium quality. The BEASTIN x VICE CRUISER shows off the unique color combination of PINE GREEN, ORANGE BURST and ICY WHITE – all these colors are present in the full-coverage BEASTIN x VICE GOLF logo on the side of the bag – inspired by the juicy sports drinks of the 90s. In case you wonder if it is waterproof? It’s not entirely, but the high-performance nylon materials deliver great material strength and the bag will stay dry in light rain conditions. 

More details of the BEASTIN x VICE CRUISER bag in short below: 

  • a 15 club divider for hassle-free storage for your sticks 
  • 7.5lbs offering eight pockets of different sizes for storage of balls, gloves, accessories, and apparel, as well as one waterproof pocket for valuables
  • a padded carry strap and ergonomic handle integrated into the top of the BEASTIN x VICE CRUISER bag for easy transportation. 


For the upcoming weeks and months in autumn where mornings and evenings might require an additional layer, BEASTIN x VICE GOLF have got you covered. Well-timed after the convincing success of the U.S. Ryder Cup team, three crewnecks in 90s GREY, WASHED GRAPE and WASHED PINE all feature Whistling Straits slogan circling the BEASTIN mascot on the front as well as the BEASTIN x VICE GOLF collab logo on the back. It’s a comfortable crewneck you´ll not want to take off once you put it on. 


A divot tool unlike any other: You may have read about the BEASTIN mascot earlier in the article – for the collab, we added some VICE details to it to give it a unique look: This divot tool is die-cut in the shape of the BEASTIN mascot and designed with ergonomic functionality. Raised elements on the front illustrate the look of the mascot. Beyond the divot tool, the edition is complemented by two ball markers with collaboration logo and mascot on the back. The ball marker can be magnetically fixed to the back of the divot tool at any time.

The 2 in 1 set comes in a matte metal box with raised BEASTIN x VICE GOLF logo and foam padding inside.


Nothing you would expect from a golf company but we believe there is a significant use case for this outfit: Whether for a casual walk in your district or your Sunday-After-The-Round outfit – our hoodies and sweatpant combo can be purchased separately, but also match together perfectly: Starting now, you can hang out on the couch and rest in extra-soft, comfortable materials that fit from top to bottom. Colored in 90s GRAY, both hoody and sweatpant feature a two-tone collab logo in ORANGE BURST and PINE GREEN – small on the front of both items and as a large scale on back of the hoody. 

From numerous feedback loops in different channels, socks were always a topic you suggested we add to the portfolio – and the time has come! To keep your feet warm and in comfortable fit on all occasions, the cushioned, super-soft BEASTIN x VICE GOLF crew socks finish off your casual style. Delivered in all white with a distinctive collab logo on the side, these socks are course and clubhouse approved and afford maximum style in shorts or long pants.


You may wonder: A limited edition run without a handful of unique and stylish caps is not like VICE GOLF. We won’t leave you hanging with an incomplete 90s style on the course – three different 5-panel caps with a size-adjustable snapback match the colors of the edition. Watermelon Punch is a color name you have seen and read in multiple other products such as the PRO ball edition, the tees and the t-shirts. Further details in PINE GREEN and ORANGE BURST complete the eye-catching look for all fans of fresh taste and tone. A contrast color cord over the visor in WHITE gives you additional 90s vibes.

The two other color options in GLACIER WHITE and BLUE VICE are more subtle and express the same style level with their unique shape and details around the hat.  

The limited-edition BEASTIN x VICE GOLF capsule collection releases on Wednesday, September 29th, 11 AM EST exclusively at