Vice Golf A glimpse behind the scenes

Golf has experienced an unprecedented rise in recent times- while it was difficult to convince non-golfers of the benefits of golf before the pandemic, the lack of alternatives during the pandemic ensured that more and more people ventured out into the green and took up golf, and will most likely continue to do so even if other sports open up.


At the same time, a change in thinking and the shift from dusty, ugly duckling to contemporary, cool recreational sport is making the sport more and more attractive. Emerging companies are presenting themselves with an understanding of quality and style, two elements that are not mutually exclusive. Golf is evolving and with it comes an unprecedented increase in demand for raw materials and continuously rising transportation costs due to the global pandemic: in sum, the production and transportation costs for golf balls have increased as never before.  Regardless of this, VICE GOLF aims to meet all golfers with our golf ball portfolio and offer a golf ball that best fits your diverse playing characteristics: Whether a well-trained college golfer, a rank beginner, an ambitious youth golfer or the multitude of golfers who want to realize their “Seniors Tour” vision.

Rising Prices 

Our prices will increase in September 2021, so we will absorb a small portion of the significant increase in production costs, but continue to offer an exceptional price-performance deal that will allow you to play the best quality golf at an affordable price. 

You can see the concrete overview below, our premium series VICE PRO, PRO PLUS and PRO SOFT will increase by gross $0.09 per ball when buying 1-2 dozen, and by $0.17 per ball when buying 3-4 as well as 5 dozen or more. Our entry-level VICE DRIVE and all-rounder VICE TOUR will increase by $0.09 per ball at each price level. 



Nonetheless, we have continued and continue to offer premium golf balls at the most affordable prices and managed, while production prices are skyrocketing, to develop the VICE PRO ZERO, a urethane golf ball which is $0.41 cheaper per ball compared to the PRO / PRO SOFT / PRO PLUS series. 

The PRO ZERO is characterized by its thermoplastic urethane (TPU) layer. The TPU process results in a thicker cover compared to when cast urethane is used, however, the process is faster, less complex and less expensive to produce. Most of the urethane golf balls use the TPU procedure. Within the VICE Golf portfolio, the VICE PRO ZERO uses this technology and has been found its position as our most affordable urethane golf ball in the line-up, designed for those who want to step up their golf game to the next level, those who seek for the best possible price- / performance deal, and lastly those who combine the aspects above, starting from just $23.99 / dozen.

The differences of the VICE Golf balls at a glance

The new line-up of  VICE GOLF balls again below differ in the following aspects:

  • Number of pieces 
  • Material of the cover
  • Number of dimples
  • Compression
  • Size distribution between core to cover and outer layer

This list of key points could be extended considerably, but we will concentrate on the first two points, which have the most influence on the manufacturing cost of golf balls.

In terms of the number of layers, we work with 2- to 4-piece golf balls, and for the material of the outer cover, we work with Surlyn and Urethane. The cover of the ball has a fundamental impact on the feel and performance of the golf ball. Surlyn coated golf balls are extremely durable and resistant to cuts and wear, usually have less spin than urethane golf balls, and are used in the majority of golf balls. 

In our case, we use a Surlyn outer layer in our 2-layer VICE DRIVE entry-level model as well as in the 3-layer VICE TOUR model, a golf ball designed for players of different skill levels united by the main goal of combining plenty of length off the tee and a soft feel at impact at an attractive price. Surlyn, the material used in the cover of these balls, increased in price significantly since it found more applications in the cosmetics industry and there has been a significant price increase since then.

When it comes to premium golf balls, most golfers are aware that urethane golf balls are the go-to products for soft feel, high spin and great control off the clubface. Significantly fewer people know about the different manufacturing processes and how urethane is applied to the golf ball. Urethane golf balls are found among the tour or performance golf balls for ambitious golfers who want to combine length, spin and ball feel. Urethane is softer than Surlyn and is characterized by more spin in the short game area. The price of urethane golf balls is higher than Surlyn golf balls because both material and manufacturing costs are higher. Urethane golf balls are further differentiated within urethane depending on the production process into cast, thermoplastic (TPU) and reaction-injection molded (RIM) urethane.

When using cast urethane, as seen in our 3- and 4-piece ball models PRO, PRO SOFT and PRO PLUS series, the total manufacturing process is longer than other urethane processes and results in much stronger polymer chains, yet the thinnest possible cover of a golf ball for increased performance – and – durability, given the extremely thin cover. Spin rates for cast urethane covered golf balls are typically very high. The most expensive and most complex process of applying urethane pays off in creating the thinnest urethane cover out there which is not only superior in robo-tests but also results in superior feel and ball control for the golfer. 

Given the complexity and the high cost of the cast urethane process, many brands do not offer this type of golf ball. Our cast urethane covered golf balls now start at $28.99 / dozen. 

The VICE PRO ZERO, as described above, is our latest addition to the family, using a less expensive urethane cover technology, thereby making our urethane offering even more affordable. As seen with the VICE PRO ZERO, we remain true to our mission of making golf more accessible by manufacturing quality golf products with contemporary designs and selling them at affordable, fair prices. For a current overview of all Vice golf balls, click here