New Vice Carrybags: May the Force be with you!

It may be a bit cheesy but all Star Wars fans will love this: Brand new Vice FORCE bags to be released on May 4. You can say the wordplay to yourself quietly now, taking a deep breath. The new line separates FORCE bags into waterproof and water-repellent, each one coming with unique details and features. Starting from $229, available at only.

“It´s a piece of art, yet functional, robust and comfortable to carry for at least 36 holes”

Max (project lead and test person to carry the bag on a casual 36-hole Saturday)

Stepping up the game at least one level from the well-received bags we have done in the past, we have asked ourselves a few questions:

  • Would it make sense to offer a waterproof and a non-waterproof Vice FORCE golf bag?
  • If yes, how should the features differ and how do we set the bags visually apart from each other?
  • What areas of improvements do we see from the current Vice FORCE bags?
  • What are some gimmicks we have developed but not used yet?
  • What about the myth that cartbags are much more loved than carry bags?

Having a group of passionate golfers of all skill levels on the team, it showed that former professionals and early beginners were most likely to go out and play golf in the rain, thereby clearly rooting for the waterproof and non-waterproof segmentation. Market research but also popular opinions and interviews revealed that carrybags were on the rise again and led to our decision to put all efforts into fully sealing one Force version to make it waterproof while getting a bit more creative on the non-waterproof version, equipping it with more versatile features and gimmicks.

The fully waterproof bag prices extremely competitive at $279 only, offering protection in all weathers while being highly functional and lightweight at the same time. The five-pocket design leaves space for range finders, layers, valuables, balls & accessories, and more. The adjustable carrying system is softer-padded just like the hip pad which will ensure carrying comfort from the parking lot until the terrace after the round – or 36 holes, as one of our team members learned while testing the bag. Available in timeless black and neon lime, this color combination is subtle, yet you will be recognized with good taste as it merges the best of two worlds. On top of that, a tonal drip pattern, our signature design, shines differently depending on the light reflection. And lastly, who wouldn’t want to walk around with a carbon fiber stand system?

On the other hand, the water-repellent Force bag options come in two color variations, priced at only $229 per bag. While not all zippers are sealed and therefore by definition not waterproof, the Force bags use the same high performance nylon as the premium bag and come with multiple additional features like double mesh nets on the side to store your iPhone or a small bottle of water, and, en exciting feature that many will embrace: A velour-lined magnet pocket for your range finder or additional valuables that do not find a place in the designated side velour-lined pocket. If you aren’t excited by now, customized zipper pullers matching the V-design round off the unique design experience. The color combinations are not your everyday companion but the DIVA BLUE x GRAY combination as well as the COOL GRAY x NEON LIME combination will ensure that you will stand out from the crowd!

Available online only at

Price VICE FORCE AGUA (waterproof): $279
Price VICE FORCE (non-waterproof): $229