Summer is coming: The VICE DOODLE Edition for your summer vibes

An edition created with heart and soul and a lot of passion: Just in time for the main season start (aka. week after the Masters) we present a capsule edition of ball, bag, towel and cap, and the best for many of you: The VICE PRO PLUS as a DRIP edition!

In the conception of this edition, we didn’t only think that it’s time again for a PRO PLUS DRIP edition, we also thought about what we can do differently and better with the other products, that’s why we have a new towel shape for the first time.

When developing and designing the DOODLE edition, we were picturing a round of golf with friends – afterwork – two buggies, boom box, skins game, loser pays for the drinks on the terrace in the last sun beams. Over and out.

Vice Golf Project Team


With the VICE SHINE SLIT we present you a tour towel in the dimensions L 20″ x W 40″, which is suitable for the ambitious golfers, who often carry the towel in, instead of on the bag. For this purpose we have constructed a slit in the middle of the towel, so that you can put the towel over the alignment stick, or the rarely used hybrid. The size of the towel allows you to carry it with you at all times, partly dry and partly wet, so you can clean the clubs wet after hitting and dry them directly. “A towel for Tour players”, one team member said, “or all those who want to feel the tour vibe”, he added.

PRO PLUS goes DRIP – again!

YES, we did it!

The roars on social media constantly became louder and even with a new DRIP drop, some comments were only focused on “When will you do another PRO PLUS DRIP?!” Well, here’s the answer: The new Vice PRO PLUS DRIP golf ball introduces a color pattern inspired by the unique look and properties of spray paint. A Vice PRO PLUS DRIP ball is like no other. Match performance and style to get your game to where you want it to be: The Top!

The VICE CRUISER Bag remains a price highlight compared to other cart bags, but above all we have searched for the details and accessories with that certain touch and matched them in color to give the bag that special something: The interplay of NAVY and BLAZING ORANGE you will find in the color coordination of towel holder, rivets, buttons, zippers, coated zipper and much more, as well as in the tonal doodle pattern, a playful element that rounds off the bag ideally. 


This CREW CAP of the edition carries expressive relief embroidery and doodle designs to unique logos, patterns and designs that are only recognizable when you take a second look at the cap. Our motto here is: Best quality paired with first-class design and functionality. 

Key data: 
Available at
Pro Plus Drip ball from $28.99 per dozen
Shine Slit towels from $19.99
Cruiser golf bag from $219.99
Cap from $24.99