The overwhelmingly positive response to our DRIP introduction in 2020 proved the demand and acceptance for colored golf balls – the new Vice SHADE edition is for all those who love to pair design with performance. Based on the Vice Pro and Pro Plus, the two Vice SHADE models feature a color gradient design from yellow to orange and from orange to red.

Why do we buy white golf balls? They’re classy and comfortable, like steak and potatoes. White balls still dominate the marketplace today, but companies are starting to see the value in creating original designs that resonate with pockets of golfers who are looking for a top-of-the-line ball with personality. We’ve always been a kind of brand that likes to look at things from different angles and so after multiple terrible trials, we found a way to create a color gradient on a golf ball that actually looks amazing! The SHADE balls were born. Now, we’re overly excited to share this development with you and present the first two models to you!

Each golf ball is painted with spray guns from different directions as it travels through the production line, making each Vice SHADE ball distinct. One ball may have a subtler transition from yellow to orange; another may have slightly more red, just like how no two sunrises or sunsets are the same.

“Golfin’ from dawn till dusk,” said one of our chief designers jokingly when asked about the idea of the SHADE edition. The 3-piece cast urethane-covered Vice PRO comes in Orange to Red while the 4-piece cast urethane-covered PRO PLUS comes in Yellow to Orange. The colorways mimic sunrise and sunset, respectively.

The sunrise Vice PRO PLUS ball is for the early birds who thrive on fresh-cut grass, morning dew, clubhouse coffee, and breakfast balls. This ball’s for the up-before-dawners who pack an extra layer, just to shed it on the back nine and are replay rate regulars, because what else is there to do at 10:30 am on a Saturday besides playing another round?

Just as with every early bird there is a nighthawk, so too does every sunrise have its sunset. The sunset Vice PRO ball is the go-to for the after-work warriors who can’t stand to see a good sundown go to waste. This ball’s for the hustlers who somehow get 18 in when they said it was impossible, because hey, an 8:56 sunset means it doesn’t really get dark until 9:26, right? At least this is what some of our team members say when you look at them puzzled of why they are off to the golf course after 7PM but when speaking to them the next day, they always have great stories to tell. We can’t wait for them to play the matching PRO SHADE balls into the sunset…cheesy, but beautiful!

Starting at $28.99, the Vice PRO SHADE and PRO PLUS SHADE are priced just like our other premium models. They can be a great gift for your fellow early bird and nighthawk friends or a cost-saving way to stock up on balls for the season. Check them out at