VICE SMART BAGS: The Best Bang for Your Buck!

When former professional golfers, mediocre golf enthusiasts, and some experienced guys sit together to discuss the formula to revolutionize the carrybag market, the result must be strong – we are confident that it is. The mixture of features, performance, design, and price point make it the Vice SMART bag. Play Smart, Carry Smart.

When you ask yourself what really bothers you with your carrybag, many answers include “it´s super heavy and carrying it feels like a workout”, “I always lose my stuff in my bag”, “my bag is like my personality: totally chaotic”, “the carry straps lose form and make it super uncomfortable to carry”…. we don´t want to bore you as a reader further. Still, we want to underline the status quo that many golfers can relate to. It took us quite some time to solve all bits and pieces of the puzzle, but looking at the end result, the Vice SMART bag was worth every drop of sweat!

Imagine yourself carrying a bag that is comfortable on your shoulders, is soft to your back, and weighs literally nothing. Going further, it looks amazing and comes with countless features that will allow you to concentrate on what counts: Your Game.

A brief overview of the (new) features:

  • 4-way full-length divider for easy organization 
  • Lightweight, durable fabric
  • Magnet front pocket for range finder
  • Velour-lined side pocket for valuables
  • Large ball pocket 
  • Large side pocket including a net – for mid-layers and some necessities like bottles
  • Adjustable carry straps in four ways
  • New towel ring 
  • Overall aligning design language from patterns to zippers to towel rings to a rain cover

A 4-way divider saves significant weight in the construction of a carrybag and still allows for sufficient organization of clubs in your bags – a fair trade-off, we believe. An additional weight saver comes from the lightweight performance fabric that feels light, yet is ultra-durable and has a great feel. Looking at the features, the magnet pocket is a new pocket we introduced for functionality and style. We love the ease of opening and closing the pocket, and most of our testers had their range finders or phones stored in it if they had keys, purses, and other belongings in the velour-lined side pocket. The ball pocket opens wide and will allow for plenty of golf balls – yet keep in mind you want to stick to the lightweight, so a dozen will hopefully be enough for the next tournament! Side pockets come with a special feature of inside nets that are perfect for fixating a water bottle or sunscreen there. To make a perfectly comfortable fit, you can adjust the SMART bag on both straps on the top and bottom of the strap to match your posture and comfort. 

You will love the level of details that you find on that bag, especially when looking at design forms and shapes, creating happy moments on the golf course, and leveling up your golf course look for sure.

The new Vice SMART bags come in four different colorways: BLACK x NEON LIME, WHITE x NEON LIME, BLACK x NEON RED and BLUE x NEON LIME. There´s a perfect bag for every taste, and we look forward to you posting about the bag online using #playsmartcarrysmart

Available from $179 only, the Vice SMART bag combines performance, functionality, and design at a fraction of the price of other brands. Check it out now!