Vice Legend x Legacy: Our Father & Son Edition

Rarely have we seen our design team being more enthusiastic about a limited edition than with our LEGEND x LEGACY edition. The countless meanings and interpretations that can be found in the items of the edition make it a masterpiece of golf- and non-golf related matters! Check it out now at

As the US Open´s final Sunday coincides with Father´s Day, we felt the urge to come up with an edition that honors the dads out there and honors them adequately. One reason may be a recent baby boom taking place among several team members at Vice, another reason may be that it just fits perfectly with this year´s venue. 

The LEGEND & LEGACY design focuses on Boston’s history and heritage – marking the legendary Freedom Trail, a historic landmark in Boston, as well as referencing the legendary 1913 US Open. When amateur golfer Francis Ouimet won the tournament, he shaped his own legacy, which is immortalized in statue form to this day. The edition incorporates the Irish heritage of the city of Boston and Francis Ouimet with the self-illustrated logo of the Celtic knot in Vice form, including the horseshoe. The lead color green is reminiscent of the successful NBA team, Boston Celtics.

To honor all golfing fathers and sons out there, the three items of this edition, the VICE PRO PLUS LEGEND & LEGACY, the VICE CAP LEGEND, the VICE CAP LEGACY and the VICE BALL MARKER SET LEGEND & LEGACY are all designed to suit fathers and sons.


These above-mentioned design elements are combined in our premium VICE PRO PLUS model, with half a dozen each featuring the special LEGEND imprint and the other half featuring the special LEGACY imprint. The dozen packaging reads reversible cover style with LEGEND on one side and LEGACY upside down next to it, connected by the adapted Freedom Trail logo.  The back of the package is adorned with an all-over pattern consisting of a Vice-adapted Celtic knot, complemented by an integrated horseshoe in the design. 

All these design elements come together in our flagship 4-piece cast urethane covered VICE PRO PLUS model which features an increased core (HESC) resulting in higher ball speed and extra distance off the tee. Combined with the extra-thin cast urethane cover for maximum feel and short-game spin, this unique edition combines performance and design like no other golf ball.


There have been comments, we have to admit, that state that VICE caps are bigger than other brands and the flat brim amplifies this look to some extent – the time has now come for the better by offering this limited edition cap in regular size (VICE 5-PANEL CAP LEGEND) as well as in junior size (VICE 5-PANEL CAP LEGACY).

The designs aren´t identical just like LEGEND and LEGACY are not the same. Therefore, minor differences in detail can be observed: The LEGACY junior cap features the freedom trail adjusted logo in Boston Green and a LEGACY stitching above the snapback fastener while the “father-version” of the cap stays tonal in DARK on DARK. The inside branding differs in that the junior cap features the text “Treasure the Legacy” opposed to the LEGEND cap that reads “Treasure the Legend”. It’s these details that make the LEGEND x LEGACY edition so unique and enjoyable to any golf fan, Boston Celtics fan, father, son, Vice fan, and so many more!


The ball marker is one of the most underrated accessories in the golf bag because very few ball markers have a story to tell. With the LEGEND & LEGACY ball marker pair, you make yourself aware on every green that the next putt will be the most important of the round.

In gleaming silver metal, you dive into the mythical world of LEGEND & LEGACY, prepare for every putt, convert your putts like the big names on the tour and celebrate your birdies like winning the US Open – The LEGEND & LEGACY ball markers combine all elements of the special edition on the smallest area: The Vice-adapted Celtic knot, supplemented by an integrated horseshoe and the adapted Freedom Trail logo on the back. Above the logo, you will find the words LEGEND and LEGACY on the ball markers. The highly abrasion-resistant, shiny anodizing gives the ball markers an exclusive look!

Check out this unique limited edition and treasure the Legend!