VICE GOLF GOES APPAREL – The long wait comes to an end

Same mission. New adventures. Vice Golf will continue to supply the growth of the game we all love. July 18 marks the date of the first Vice Golf apparel drop that has been long awaited. Three collections – Alumni, Crylater and Paisley – with significantly different inspiration, but with one goal in mind. We believe performance and design doesn’t need to come with any compromise. Online only at

These three collections are for the tastemakers of the game, with a balance of on and off-course looks. From the concrete to the clubhouse, we got your back.

The Alumni Collection – 90s inspired, performance of today

The Alumni collection was designed to pay respect to our heroes of the past while still pushing the future of the game. The mix of modern feel and vintage silhouettes makes this collection an instant classic. Imagine your favorite college hoodie that kept you warm through the long, painful nights of… studying. Then imagine your favorite polo to three putt in. Here’s both all in one place, dominated by a collegiate Vice Golf logo. 

The masterpiece of the collection is the “Get In The Hole jacquard knit crewneck” which features one of the most iconic scenes in golf that we feel closely connected to with the Alumni Collection. 

Laugh Now, Cry Later – A golfer´s state of mind visualized

“Just when you think you have it all figured out” is the tagline of this collection, visualizing the proximity between the highs and lows of every beginner, amateur and professional golfer. The laughing and crying golf ball as an illustration on some of the pieces – shirts, crewnecks, hoodies – draws parallels in the world of acting masks – masks we would sometimes like to wear in golf to become unrecognizable after yet another three-putt. Still, of course, that’s part of what we love about golf, it’s up to us, and every pulsating jugular is due to something we thought we could do so much better?! Just when you think you have it all figured out….

This collection was made to grind it out – from the range to the post-round pick me up beer. Embrace Your Vice – it’s okay to laugh & cry in this game.

VICE PAISLEY – Artful patterns for summer and autumn

When our Creative Team came around the corner with the suggestion of a Paisley pattern, there were many uncertain looks and one or the other looked at his and her smartphone: Paisley – “By the term I mean an abstract fabric pattern (…) The basic shape forms a leaf or drop-like shape, which is richly and detailed decorated (…)” 

Excitement arose when first samples came in – our individually designed Paisley shape is littered with details that vary from polo to polo, windbreaker to windbreaker, as the fabrics are cut differently, making each piece unique. Vice Golf’s subtle hints and details that run through the custom paisley pattern are properly used and eye-catching both on and off the golf course. At the cornerstone of the collection is some waterproof windbreakers that feel necessary when you’re absolutely dripped out. Look good, feel good, play… you know the vibes. 

VICE Essentials – Must Haves for every golfer

Timeless and stylish, this very small collection of four polos and four shirts rounds off our first extensive apparel drop. Casual polos and shirts that embody the casual look on the driving range and can be used at any time of day or night.

After we took a closer look at the collections, the top four questions that were posted prior to the launch will be answered below in short.

What is the fit of Vice apparel?

In short, we want you to feel comfortable. The casual fit will allow you to move freely and especially the percentage of elastane inside the polo shirts will maximize flexibility. An indication what size our model is wearing as well as a size guide on the website will eliminate final doubts. Looking at the environmental footprint, we encourage you to make use of these tools to reduce returns and exchanges. If an item you ordered does not fit, we still offer free returns and exchanges.

What is the return and exchange policy at Vice Golf?

With the implementation of our new apparel lines, we offer free returns and free exchanges. The outbound shipping rate will remain but to make your life more pleasant in case you want to return or exchange and item, this part of the journey is on us. We think that´s a very fair deal.

Is Vice Golf apparel expensive?

Short answer: No. Given the quality of garments we chose for you, the high level of workmanship and the level of details, we stick to our claim of offering premium quality and performance at attractive prices. It is in our interest to do so and thereby giving you the best experience and making the next purchase decision easier.

Does this apparel drop involve a women’s line?

This drop only includes items in men sizes. We do consider women’s sizing in the future but have decided to focus on men’s apparel for now.

If you are interested in more and have read this far, you can now take a closer look at our brand new apparel collections Alumni, Crylater and Paisley exclusively on and store exceptional quality at fair prices!

Vice Golf, happily supporting your golf addiction since 12.12.12 

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