The Alumni Collection – A mix of modern feel and vintage silhouettes

The 90s-inspired Alumni line was designed to pay respect to our heroes of the past while still pushing the future of the game.

When developing the Vice Golf Apparel designs, we were keen to think in different directions and pick up different characters. There are certainly some golf-crazy types in the office who watch best-of’s on YouTube several times a week or listen to tournament-themed music on Spotify. But there are also those who deliberately say “not like that”, that’s the way it’s been done for decades, we want something completely different. The presentation of this article is about the Alumni apparel collection: color worlds and designs of the past interpreted in a modern way and thus a flashback for many of us – and hopefully soon for you, too!

Vice Golf Alumni Collection

The term “alumni” is often used in the field of school or college to describe a former member. The circular embroidered logo with a golf flag and mountainous landscape is reminiscent of American collegiate golf and is meant to give subtle hints to the past of great, well-known players. The font and word choice “Vice Golf Sporting Goods” emphasizes the traditional approach, as does Vice Golf’s founding date of 12/12/12 (December 12, 2012).

The collection is divided into performance and lifestyle parts and impresses especially with the color worlds WINE and WHITE. Numerous details such as material compositions and design details are presented below.

Alumni Performance

You want to have the choice to wear your polo as mock-neck, with regular collar, or simply with open zipper? The 3-Way Polos are your compagnon on the next round of golf: breathable with 8% spandex, you have maximum flexibility and comfort. An all-over V pattern on the back of the shirt, 12.12.12 text in the collar as well as on the zipper puller give you an idea of the level of detail we packed into this polo shirt. Available in WINE and FOREST, for $69.

If you like it (even) more classic, you’ll do everything right with the Vice Alumni Striped Polo Designs: The cotton-polyester blend with concealed button placket and regular collar is breathable and lies softly on the body. Ideal to pair with the Vice Alumni Desert Shorts, a 4-way stretch shorts with internal elastic for ideal comfort and closable back pockets. Available in five colors: Desert, Royal Blue, Navy, Olive and Cloud.

In wind and weather we equip you from sweaters to mid-layers to crewnecks and make sure that it is not because of the clothes if the score does not exceed your expectations. At the thought of a sweater, one or the other will raise an eyebrow and ask themselves, if this is really trendy?! Clear answer: Yes! Of course, not what you see at the family reunion with the oldest guests, but the functionality of keeping the body warm while still having full freedom of movement is worth it, right?! So we have chosen a material that is usually more familiar in sports shirts or from other sports: jacquard interlock, 100% polyester, which absorbs sweat and integrates a Quick Dry technology. To be precise, the Alumni vest is what the collection promises: 90’s inspired designs and moods interpreted in a modern and contemporary way for the year 2022.

Alumni Lifestyle

So that you wear your favorite brand not only on but also off the golf course, the Alumni collection also offers numerous pieces for Saturday night at the bar, the outing with friends and family, or just the eye-catching look with the crewneck “Get In The Hole”! An all-over stitched illustration of thousands of spectators at the most historic golf hole with the protagonist himself. Certainly not your go-to-outfit for every day but special occasions need special pieces: here you go! In addition, two casual light cotton T-shirts give you the opportunity to show off your favorite brand and just feel comfortable. The hoodie / sweatpant combination for Sundays on the couch or training in the hall ideally round off the mix of on-course and off-course apparel of the Alumni collection.

To help answer any questions you may now have, we’ve summarized the top three questions below:  

  1. What is the fit of Vice apparel?
    In short, we want you to feel comfortable. The casual fit will allow you to move freely and especially the percentage of elastane inside the polo shirts will maximize flexibility. A size guide on the website will eliminate final doubts. Looking at the environmental footprint, we encourage you to make use of these tools to reduce returns and exchanges. If an item you ordered does not fit, we still offer free returns and exchanges.
  2. What is the return policy of Vice Golf?
    With the implementation of our new apparel lines, we offer free returns and free exchanges. The outbound shipping rate will remain but to make your life more pleasant in case you want to return or exchange and item, this part of the journey is on us. We think that´s a very fair deal.
  3. Is Vice Golf apparel expensive?
    Short answer: No. Given the quality of garments we chose for you, the high level of workmanship and the level of details, we stick to our claim of offering premium quality and performance at attractive prices. It is in our interest to do so and thereby giving you the best experience and making the next purchase decision easier.

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